Metal Songs with the Greatest Riffs of the 80s


The Top Ten

1 Raining Blood - Slayer

The most copied riff in metal history - Metal_Treasure

2 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

The 2nd most copied riff in metal history - Metal_Treasure

3 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Say what you will (overrated, etc) but this a great riff - Metal_Treasure

4 The Trooper - Iron Maiden

This is pretty much the riff and the song that made me interested in metal - Metal_Treasure

5 Alison Hell - Annihilator

Play the sample if you don't know this beauty - Metal_Treasure

6 Peace Sells - Megadeth

Nicely backed up by a similar bassline - Metal_Treasure

7 Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage

A lesser known godly riff. R.I.P.Criss Oliva! - Metal_Treasure

8 Black Prophecies - Dark Angel

Another underrated killer riff - Metal_Treasure

9 Seek and Destroy - Metallica

Immediately sprang to mind. That riff means business. - truckturner

The opening riff is great. - Userguy44

10 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

The Contenders

11 Holy Diver - Dio
12 Masked Jackal - Coroner
13 Ride the Lightning - Metallica
14 Absorbed - Coroner
15 Tunnel of Pain - Coroner
16 Creeping Death - Metallica

The main riff is good. - Userguy44

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