Greatest Metal Songs of the 2000s


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61 Colors - Between the Buried and Me
62 More Than Meets the Eye - Testament


63 Waking the Demon - Bullet for My Valentine
64 Inside The Fire - Disturbed
65 Asylum - Disturbed


66 Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch

What? They should be number one in the Top Tens. Their song is very aggressive and Ivan Moody's vocals are more powerful than Avenged Sevenfold's afterlife.

Bad bad company until the day I'll Die!

Way of the fist! Metal

Gtfo of here! Ffdp made the BEST cover of all time with bad company. This has to be higher than it is.

67 Remedy - Seether V 2 Comments
68 Colony of Birchmen - Mastodon

Maybe not their best song, but like the whole album this song is really strong. It's eerie and beautiful. This band deserves to be in the top 5. It's hard to know when Brann Dailors drum solos begin and end. And what is a beat and what's a drum fill with this guy. Who knows, it's awesome! Other drummers in at least in Jazz have probably done this but I think he carries the band or takes the lead a lot more than most drummers. In the EP "Call of the Mastodon" he went particularly ape. My personal favourites from Mastodon are Capillarian Crest and Megalodon.

69 Vermilion, Pt. 2 - Slipknot

Cool song, softer than most of their work, but melodic and sweet. It deserves a higher place people

70 Sleepwalking - Bring Me the Horizon
71 Only for the Weak - In Flames
72 Octavarium - Dream Theater
73 Situations - Escape the Fate
74 Still Fly - The Devil Wears Prada
75 The Heretic Anthem - Slipknot

Really is this a metal list... How is this so top 20 metal for sure

76 Six - All That Remains
77 Judith - A Perfect Circle

How isn't any perfect circle song in the top 10?
Breathtaking vocals, badass guitar and lyrics that make you question religion.

78 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg - Iron Maiden V 1 Comment
79 Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
80 Mein Land - Rammstein

Great video, great song. RAMMSTEIN RULE!

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