Greatest Metal Songs of the 2000s


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81 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce
82 Sonne - Rammstein
83 Tastes Like Kevin Bacon - Iwrestledabearonce
84 The Last Fight - Bullet For My Valentine
85 The Night - Disturbed

The best Disturbed song in my opinion.Definitely deserves higher place...

86 End of Days - Bullet for My Valentine
87 Take Me Now - Blessthefall

This song is definitely one of the greats. Not a lot of people know this band, and that only proves that a lot of the greatest things out there have been right under our noses. Lots of screaming, unforgettable beat to head bang to and cocky sounding laughter in the beginning? Definitely listen to this song, or you'll be missing out for a lifetime.

88 45 - Shinedown
89 Fake It - Seether
90 Sandpaper - Fozzy
91 Disciple - Slayer

Awesome slayer song along with bloodline

92 The Talisman - Iron Maiden
93 You Know You're Right - Nirvana

This is grunge and not metal - Metal_Treasure

94 Hypnotize - System of a Down

One of the System of a Down best songs!

95 Innervision - System of a Down
96 Always - Killswitch Engage

This is one of their newer song and the lyrics along with the music just blends in wonderfully. My personal interpretation is that the song is written from the perspective of God to the listener, assuring us simply that He is always there for us, even in the worst of times. For one who has accepted God into their life through Christ this means eternal reassurance and the ability to rest in difficult times, knowing God with never leave them because of Christ's work on the cross. With one who hasn't it could be seen more as a calling for them to realize this and put their faith in Him. Should be # 1

This song just makes me think of family, the most important thing on earth

97 Thoughts Without Words - Shadows Fall

Overall one of the most under known and underrated bands of the 21st century. They could easily be #1 on this list.

98 Take This Life - In Flames
99 Far from Home - Five Finger Death Punch
100 Trigger - In Flames
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