Best Metal Songs of 2016


The Top Ten

1 Spit Out the Bone - Metallica

Way heavier and more thrash elements then Hardwired

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2 Akroasis - Obscura UListen to Sample
3 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth
4 Recharging the Void - Vektor UListen to Sample
5 Dystopia - Megadeth
6 Hardwired - Metallica

Best in years. - Caleb9000

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7 Weltseele - Obscura UListen to Sample
8 Square Hammer - Ghost

This was 1 on loudwire, should be 1 here and everywhere! - Mikbiter15

Good song, but it doesn’t deserve to be #1 on Loudwire’s list, Dystopia by Megadeth deserves the number one spot.

9 You Gotta Believe - Anthrax UListen to Sample
10 Charging the Void - Vektor

Wow underrated as hell I know that dystopia is good but this is so much better even if kiko nailed it and I know that everyone is not gonna lokk over here because they don't know the band so...

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The Contenders

11 The Threat Is Real - Megadeth
12 Passer - Katatonia UListen to Sample
13 Lying In State - Megadeth
14 Bullet To The Brain - Megadeth
15 Brotherhood of the Snake - Testament UListen to Sample
16 Count the Dead - Abbath UListen to Sample
17 Poisonous Shadows - Megadeth

One of Megadeths best songs, along with In My Darkest Hour, Peace Sells and Rust In Peace

18 The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold

I think that this song is definitely among the top 3 songs released this year, even though I'm not a huge fan of this band but gotta appreciate their skill and musicianship on this song - The Stage in totality was a very good album especially considering the risk they took to deviate from their style of playing.

Clearly the best song on this list. Avenged Sevenfold although are an extremely mainstream band yet, they have the balls and talent to release a 73 minutes long album. They keep on experimenting with their style keeping a listener like me interested and anticipated for their next release.

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19 Let the Storm Descend Upon You - Avantasia UListen to Sample
20 Residual - Katatonia UListen to Sample
21 At Dawn's First Light - Amon Amarth UListen to Sample
22 The Gift of Music - Dream Theater UListen to Sample
23 Breathing Lightning - Anthrax UListen to Sample
24 Foreign Policy - Megadeth
25 Prayer to the God of War - Vader UListen to Sample
26 Silvera - Gojira UListen to Sample
27 The Moth - Death Angel UListen to Sample
28 Moth Into Flame - Metallica UListen to Sample
29 Ode to the Sun - Obscura UListen to Sample
30 Moment of Betrayal - Dream Theater UListen to Sample
31 Wishing Well - Theocracy UListen to Sample
32 In the Age of Consecrated Vampires We All Get High - Rob Zombie

This metal? LOL - Metal_Treasure

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33 Clockworks - Meshuggah UListen to Sample
34 Arctic Thunder - Darkthrone UListen to Sample
35 Black Knight Satellite - Pain UListen to Sample
36 Mystery of a Blood Red Rose - Avantasia UListen to Sample
37 Valley of Shadows - Rhapsody of Fire UListen to Sample
38 A Voice in the Cold Wind - Rhapsody of Fire UListen to Sample
39 Evil Twin - Anthrax UListen to Sample
40 First Kill - Amon Amarth UListen to Sample
41 Prayers/Triangles - Deftones UListen to Sample
42 Phantom Bride - Deftones UListen to Sample
43 Well, Everybody's F****** in a U.F.O. - Rob Zombie
44 Tragic Alert - Surgical Meth Machine UListen to Sample
45 I'm Invisible - Surgical Meth Machine UListen to Sample
46 Universal Death Squad - Epica UListen to Sample
47 Call Me - Pain Call Me - Pain
48 Sorceress - Opeth UListen to Sample
49 Viva Presidente Trump! - Brujeria UListen to Sample
50 Tundra Leach - Darkthrone Tundra Leach - Darkthrone
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1. Recharging the Void - Vektor
2. Charging the Void - Vektor
3. Passer - Katatonia
1. Akroasis - Obscura
2. Spit Out the Bone - Metallica
3. Weltseele - Obscura
1. Square Hammer - Ghost
2. You Gotta Believe - Anthrax
3. Akroasis - Obscura

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