Top 10 Metal Songs Alcoholics May Like

This list doesn't imply that people who like these songs are alcoholics. The list is just some fun for the weekend.
Alcohol is a rare lyrical theme in metal and there aren't many songs and bands (some folk metal bands use this lyrical theme, and believe it or not - a thrash metal band).

The Top Ten

1 Drink - Alestorm Drink - Alestorm

"A man has needs and that need is booze
They say all the best things in life are free
So give all your beer and your rum to me

We are here to drink your beer
And steal your rum at the point of a gun
Your alcohol to us will fall
'Cause we are here to drink your beer

Drink! " - Metal_Treasure

2 Beer Beer - Korpiklaani Beer Beer - Korpiklaani

"From evening to morning
And morning to evening
I wanna drink 'cause that's what I am
For beer I'm working

For beer I'm fighting
For beer I'll do whatever I have to
When drunk I'm talking
When drunk I'm joking
When drunk I can be as I've always wanted to be" - Metal_Treasure

3 Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica

This isn't exactly a metal song, it's a cover of an Irish traditional song, i.e. mostly a folk song. But I included it because if you think about it, all folk metal songs on this list sound in a similar way: they sound like metal covers of folk/ folk-ish songs. - Metal_Treasure

4 Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life) - Tankard

A thrash metal fan, who's also an alcoholic, would definitely like it:
"I want booze and beer and wine

Come and drink alcohol!
Drink! Until the beer is gone

And pass out on the floor
Puke! Puke! I drank too much" - Metal_Treasure

5 Vodka - Korpiklaani

"Drinking is good for you
Not anymore lonesome
Drinking is good for you
And you will feel awesome
Vodka, you're feeling stronger

Vodka, no more feeling bad
Vodka, your eyes are shining
Vodka, you are the real man
Vodka, wipes away your tears
Vodka, removes your fears
Vodka, everyone is gorgeous
Vodka, yeah vodka" - Metal_Treasure

6 Need Money for Beer - Tankard

An alcoholic would certainly relate to this song.
"I search my pockets

And what do I find
Useless Kleenex

To wipe my behind

I need a damn brew
That's why I've come to you" - Metal_Treasure

7 Metalliolut - Teräsbetoni

The song is in Finnish and the title translates to Metal Beer. The video is fun to watch. The singer's got a godly voice (Jarkko Ahola). - Metal_Treasure

8 Rum - Alestorm

"The time has come
The time for a drink
But I don't want whiskey or gin
There's only one drink
That gets me so drunk
Until my head starts to spin
Far to the west
Under tropical sun
This mystical drink is brewed
On our mission to get totally drunk
We have got nothing to lose
Rum is the power
Rum is the key
Rum is the thing that will set us free! " - Metal_Treasure

9 Space Beer - Tankard

The Sci-Fi-booze makes you healthy and wise
Your d**k and brain will grow in size
If you're bald, it'll make your hair grow
If you're not, drink it for fun
Your liver wants more and more of it
It keeps your stomach strong and fit
We love it - A beermaniac Utopia
We want it - Oktobertest comucopia - Metal_Treasure

10 Trinkentroll - Trollfest

TrinkenTroll probably means drunk troll or drinking troll. The song isn't in English but the video will get an alcoholic into that mood. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Die with a Beer in Your Hand - Tankard
12 Tequila - Korpiklaani
13 Trinkenvisen - Trollfest
14 R.I.B. (Rest in Beer) - Tankard
15 (Empty) Tankard - Tankard
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