Top 10 Metal Songs that are Underrated Because They Were on "Bad" Albums


The Top Ten

1 Inside Out - Anthrax

My personal Favorite Anthrax song yet its underrated because it was on Volume 8 The Threat is Real - christangrant

2 Screaming from the Sky - Slayer

One of the most re listenable Slayer songs for some reason I keep coming back to this one which is what makes it a great song and Underrated as well - christangrant

3 Promises - Megadeth

Something you wouldn't expect to see from Megadeth - christangrant

4 Gemini - Slayer

Something Different from what Slayer normally does but anyway this song is another underrated gem because it was on Undisputed Attitude - christangrant

5 Sweet Amber - Metallica
6 Cathedral Spires - Judas Priest

I agree about this song - I even listen to it for pleasure. I like the vocals - among the best by Tim Ripper Owens. - Metal_Treasure

While I don't think Jugulator was a bad album but this song is great - christangrant

7 Burnnn! - Pantera

While I don't think Power Metal was bad this was a great track on it - christangrant

I like this song very much - speed, melody, vocals!, solo. - Metal_Treasure

8 Heavy Metal Rules! - Pantera
9 Mother Russia - Iron Maiden

Because this and a bunch of other good songs were on Maiden's first misfire in terms of albums (No Prayer For The Dying), it's no surprise that this song is often overlooked. Shame really, as it is a very good closing track with as much power and bite and their best. - Mrveteran

Great song on NPFTD - christangrant

10 Dittohead - Slayer

The Contenders

11 Be Quick or Be Dead - Iron Maiden

This song is maiden doing speed metal better than most other bands

Personally, I find Fear Of The Dark to be a terrible album, and Maiden's worst without doubt. The half-arsed attempts at prog-metal, combined with the boring ballads, leaves an album that starts strong, but gets worse and worse with more weak material bringing up the rear.

That being said, this is a great song, and the strong start as mentioned earlier. Not only does it see Maiden make wonders by experimenting with a thrashier sound, but it is also one of their more political songs, whose lyrics (about excessive greed and the flaws with capitalism) still hold up very well today. Great song to kick off a disappointing album, but still good nonetheless. - Mrveteran

12 Ten Thousand Strong - Iced Earth

There's nothing wrong with this song - it was just on a wrong album. Give it a chance - it's fast and energetic and vocals are great. - Metal_Treasure

13 Revolution is My Name - Pantera
14 Sign of the Cross - Iron Maiden
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