Top 10 Metal Songs of Aurthohin

Aurthohin, a Bangladeshi rock band. They have a lot of songs with genres like hard rock, alternative rock, soft/acoustic rock and some metal songs. According to Encyclopaedia Metallum they aren't a metal band because they haven't got any album with almost 80% metal songs in it. But despite this, they have some metal songs. And which could be an album itself. So, I have brought these songs here which are metal.

Metal riffs are usually those riffs with a lot of speed and power. With uses of few strings played/strummed. In order to create more brutal and fast riffs. These songs have them.

The Top Ten

1 Shaat Din

This is the song...a real progressive metal song...My feviorite Bengali metal song...I listen many Metal songs...but this is epic... They are only a Band who can cover Slipknot, Pantera and Metallica...It's a top metal sad song after Slipknot's song snuff...Their lead vocalist Corey Taylor is my favorite...and my favorite Bengali vocalist is Bassbaba Suman of Aurthohin...please listen the song...

Haven't added Nikrishto series. those three songs are heavy, but they don't seem like metal to me. - zxm

2 Itihas
3 Guti (The Finale)

Especially the solos. Those aren't very loud. But the solos have metal style riffs. Metal isn't just about loudness. Plus the guy who played the solos is a metal guitarist. - zxm

4 Guti (Punorjonmo)

Most of the songs here are pure metal. Only some songs have hard rock and other styles. But they have played pure metal. Sumon himself stated that they played heavy metal. Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal (a metal guitarist) also said that Aurthohin played metal. Their vocalist failed to sing some metal songs. But even for that they brought some metal singers from other bands. - zxm

5 Guti (From Hell)
6 Shomadhi Shohor
7 Protirup
8 Cancer

The rhythm riffs. - zxm

9 Nirbodh
10 Cancer Er Nishikabyo

The Contenders

11 A.O.D
12 Guti 2
13 Juddho
14 Aashte Shotto
15 Morichika
16 Rater Train
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