Metal Songs With the Best Guitar Riffs


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1 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due - Megadeth

This is probably my favorite metal riff although this isn't my most favorite metal song. - Metal_Treasure

best all

2 The Trooper - Iron Maiden

Back then, I didn't like this song that much. But the riff interested me to listen this song. And as time passed I started to love this riff. - zxm


3 Master of Puppets - Metallica

This song is just unreal.

4 Raining Blood - Slayer

It's a given in my book,

Top 3 at least

5 Iron Man - Black Sabbath
6 Painkiller - Judas Priest

The main riff is great - Userguy44

7 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

That's the 2nd most copied riff in metal history after Raining Blood by Slayer. It deserves much more than #23 - Metal_Treasure

8 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

If this riff is considered as one of the top 5 guitar riffs of all time then, it generally should be first or second on the list. - zxm

9 Mouth for War - Pantera
10 Alison Hell - Annihilator

The Contenders

11 Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage

YES. SO GLAD THIS IS UP SO HIGH. SUCH a underrated band, let alone this song! I 2as looking to download the classical piece of the same name when I saw this song. The Art caught my eye so I gave it a shot and BOY was I amazed. Instantly fell in love with this band, same with my brother. This song deserves the top spot.

Godly riff, how could you not love it? - ThatOneDrummer

One of my all time favorite riffs. - Metal_Treasure

12 Blackwater Park - Opeth
13 Walk - Pantera
14 Holy Diver - Dio
15 Human Insecticide - Annihilator
16 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
17 The Thing that Should Not Be - Metallica
18 Dawn of the Angry - Morbid Angel
19 Between the Hammer & the Anvil - Judas Priest
20 Angel of Death - Slayer

This should be in the first place

21 Rime of the Ancient Mariner - iron Maiden
22 As I Am - Dream Theater
23 Dead Skin Mask - Slayer
24 Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare -all) - Type O Negative
25 Devil's Daughter - Ozzy Osbourne
26 Black Angel, White Angel - Danzig
27 Breaking All the Rules - Ozzy Osbourne
28 Schizos - Annihilator

Several fast and technical riffs - never counted them but this is a riff fest.

29 A Light In the Black - Rainbow
30 Cemetery Gates - Pantera
31 Peace Sells - Megadeth
32 Paranoid - Black Sabbath
33 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
34 Master Exploder - Tenacious D
35 Wake Up Dead - Megadeth
36 Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine
37 Helpless - Diamond Head
38 Reckoning Day - Megadeth
39 Supernaut - Black Sabbath
40 Drag the Waters - Pantera
41 Disciple - Slayer
42 Imperiled Eyes - Annihilator
43 Ultra Motion - Annihilator
44 Black Prophecies - Dark Angel
45 Masked Jackal - Coroner
46 Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags - Amon Amarth

This one is just awesome. - Metal_Treasure

47 Crimson King - Demons and Wizards
48 All for One - Primal Fear
49 Strike - Primal Fear
50 Diabolus - Primal Fear
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1. Iron Man - Black Sabbath
2. Holy Wars... the Punishment Due - Megadeth
3. The Trooper - Iron Maiden
1. Devil's Daughter - Ozzy Osbourne
2. Dawn of the Angry - Morbid Angel
3. Between the Hammer & the Anvil - Judas Priest
1. Thunder Kiss '65 - White Zombie
2. The Thing that Should Not Be - Metallica
3. Blackwater Park - Opeth

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