Top Ten Metal Songs from Black Sabbath's First 6 Albums


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1 Children of the Grave

The best Ozzy era song and their most metal song. And insanely heavy for 1971. - somekindofaguy

This is my favorite BS song from Ozzy era. I agree it's one of the BS songs that sound like metal songs.
I wouldn't say it's "insanely" heavy though - there were heavier and more aggressive songs even before 1971. In fact, this song isn't aggressive or loud at all. Also, melody with vocals is pretty soft and again - there's no aggression it them. - Metal_Treasure

2 Symptom of the Universe


3 Black Sabbath

The first doom metal song. - somekindofaguy

4 Into the Void

The part between 3:04 and 3:35 rocks. - somekindofaguy

5 Iron Man

Yes, it's less overrated than War Pigs and Paranoid but it's still extremely overrated compared to songs by other bands of the 70s. Moreover, it never sounded like a metal song to me - neither the riff nor the vocals. Overall, a very simple song. - Metal_Treasure

Unlike War Pigs and Paranoid this song is not disgustingly overrated and it's quite great. The riff is definitely metal... - somekindofaguy

6 Under the Sun

A part of the song is resemblance to DP's Flight of the Rat. - somekindofaguy

7 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Not a metal song for me - actually it's a pretty soft mid-tempo rock song. It lacks aggression, vocals are very soft and the chorus is extremely poppy for a metal song, etc. - Metal_Treasure

The main riff Crushes you. It is extremely heavy. - Rambles

8 Lord of This World
9 The Writ
10 Snowblind

The Contenders

11 Electric Funeral

Not much metal, but if metal it's a doom metal song. - somekindofaguy

12 Megalomania
13 Hole in the Sky
14 Supernaut

Not metal... - somekindofaguy

15 Paranoid

It's not a metal song. - somekindofaguy

16 Fairies Wear Boots
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1. Black Sabbath
2. Symptom of the Universe
3. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
1. Children of the Grave
2. Symptom of the Universe
3. Into the Void
1. Children of the Grave
2. Black Sabbath
3. Iron Man



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