Best Metal Songs by Non-Metal Artists

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1 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen

Made by Metallica, and it's such a great cover!

For the man who votes for this and a lot of Queen related stuff on my lists twice a day: why are you doing this? This item was always the nr.1 item.

One of my favourite song.

Yes its one of the first thrash metal song - zxm

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2 Angel of Death - Thin Lizzy

This song from 1981 is 100% metal, everything is metal in it - from the riff to the beat and lyrics. The song was covered by Gamma Ray and Vader (death metal band).
My remix is based on how close to true metal the song is because first we have to make sure the song is metal and then to decide what is the best.
Metal = rock music based on classical with NO blues, funk, rap, electronic, Rock N Roll and similar elements. From Rock N Roll metal music takes only the "rock" part and doesn't use the "roll" part.
Blues inspired songs are NOT metal - they are hard rock, blues rock, heavy blues rock - Metal_Treasure

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3 Out in the Fields - Gary Moore & Phil Lynott

This song is great power metal and more than 10 metal bands did covers. - Metal_Treasure

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4 Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep UListen to Sample
5 The Nile Song - Pink Floyd

This is closer to grunge than to metal - don't you hear an early Kurt Cobain/Nirvana in this song? - Metal_Treasure

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6 Set Me Free - The Sweet

Obviously influenced by Deep Purple, this song even has a ripped off element from "Flight of the Rat" by Deep Purple but this is a metal song. "Set Me Free" was covered by Saxon. - Metal_Treasure

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7 Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Nope. Hard rock, all the way.

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8 Thunder and Lightning - Thin Lizzy UListen to Sample
9 God of Thunder - Kiss

This is hard rock, just because they mention "Demons" doesn't mean it's metal. - Metal_Treasure

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10 Crying in the Rain - Whitesnake UListen to Sample

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11 Burning - Sweet
12 Judgment Day - Whitesnake UListen to Sample
13 I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Beatles

No, this isn't metal guys. - Metal_Treasure

This is jazz-blues fusion.

Beatles are not metal they never were - christangrant

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14 Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC

It's not metal, it's Rock N Roll. - Metal_Treasure

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15 Cold Sweat - Thin Lizzy

Also with a great guitar work (metal guitars for sure). Megadeth did a cover. - Metal_Treasure

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16 Nobody's Fault - Aerosmith UListen to Sample
17 He's a Woman, She's a Man - Scorpions UListen to Sample
18 2112 - Rush UListen to Sample
19 No You Don't - The Sweet UListen to Sample
20 The Ballad of Hollis Brown - Nazareth
21 Halo of Flies - Alice Cooper
22 Fading - Decyfer Down

This isn't metal and the vocal style isn't metal either. - Metal_Treasure

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23 Dead Man - We as Human

This is not metal at all. - Metal_Treasure

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24 March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails UListen to Sample
25 Blackest Eyes - Porcupine Tree UListen to Sample
26 Easy Livin' - Uriah Heep UListen to Sample
27 Wish - Nine Inch Nails UListen to Sample
28 Helter Skelter - The Beatles

Not a Metal song - christangrant

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1. Angel of Death - Thin Lizzy
2. Out in the Fields - Gary Moore & Phil Lynott
3. Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
1. Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
2. Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep
3. Angel of Death - Thin Lizzy


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