Best Metal Songs from a Debut Album


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1 Holy Diver - Dio Holy Diver - Dio
2 N.I.B. - Black Sabbath N.I.B. - Black Sabbath
3 Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden
4 Seek & Destroy - Metallica
5 Majesty - Blind Guardian

Majesty is majestic! It's fast from start to finish and it's 7:30 min long. Amazing vocals, chorus, riffs and solo.
This is the first song on their debut album (1988) - such a great start! And Blind Guardian are still great, 30 years later! - Metal_Treasure

6 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
7 Alison Hell - Annihilator
8 Human Insecticide - Annihilator

Annihilator's debut album is so good that every song is awesome but there are 3 masterpieces: Alison Hell, Human Insecticide and Schizos (Are Never Alone).

Human Insecticide is heavier and faster than Alison Hell and I like it.
Human Insecticide is insanely good and deserves to be in the top 10, too. - Metal_Treasure

9 Kill (Those Who Oppose Me) - Lost Society

These teens from Finland blew my mind in 2013 (debut album).
This is one of the top 3 fastest thrash songs I've ever heard.
The video to this track is one of the coolest I've ever seen. - Metal_Treasure

10 My Last Sunrise - Demons & Wizards

Chills guaranteed right here. If you are not familiar with this song, don't miss the chance - I'm sure it would be a great addition to your collection of impressive metal songs.
There are only 3-4 songs in the world that have ever moved me so much.

It's a very dark, deep, sad and emotional song (released in 2000).
This is one of the most breathtaking vocal performances I've ever heard.
Vox and lyrics: Hansi Kürsch
Guitars and music: Jon Schaffer - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Evil - Mercyful Fate

Well, in my opinion, it is only the 3rd best song on the album after Into the Coven and Satan's Fall but it is still a beast. Melissa is one of the best albums ever made and it is 32 years old and still fresh today.

12 The Four Horsemen - Metallica

A perfect song. Maybe it's somewhat underrated. - Metal_Treasure

13 Schizos (Are Never Alone) - Annihilator
14 Bonded by Blood - Exodus
15 Sober - Tool
16 Black Magic - Slayer

Incredible song from their debut. Better was to come.

17 Trash All Over You - Lost Society
18 Heaven Denies - Demons & Wizards

Trust me, the outro of this song is the most beautiful vocal performance in the world!
Known for his harsh and powerful metal voice, here Hansi Kürsch comes up with his softest, angelic and almost spiritual voice.
The whole song is amazing - the riff, melody, lyrics, etc. - Metal_Treasure

19 Fiddler on the Green - Demons & Wizards

Just perfect.

Amazing ballad giving chills - music, lyrics, story, vocals, the epic outro... The scream is one of the best ever - long, powerful and melodic.

The story behind the lyrics: the singer & lyricist (Hansi Kürsch) saw two car accidents in one week and two kids were killed - a boy and a girl.

In the song this story goes like that: Death took the life of the boy by mistake and to make up for it, the reaper also took the life of the girl, who his soul mate would have been in life. The reaper talks to the girl: "Would you mind if take you? " - Metal_Treasure

20 Tear Down the Wall - Demons & Wizards
21 Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
22 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
23 Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine
24 Me Inside - Slipknot
25 Suicide Command - Coroner
26 R.I.P. - Coroner
27 Daddy - Korn
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1. Holy Diver - Dio
2. N.I.B. - Black Sabbath
3. Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden
1. Majesty - Blind Guardian
2. Kill (Those Who Oppose Me) - Lost Society
3. Human Insecticide - Annihilator


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