Top 10 Metal Songs Featuring Keyboard Instruments

Keyboard instruments are: piano, organ, accordion, electronic keyboards, including synthesizers and digital pianos. Yes, all instruments that use a keyboard count.

Keyboard instruments in metal are used to setup a progressive sound but they aren't used only in prog metal as you can see from this list.

I would like to quote a comment I've read on the Internet that is amusing but for many it would be also true:
"Pianos + Metal is a great combination. Makes you want to jump in a field of daisies and still feel straight".

The Top Ten Metal Songs Featuring Keyboard Instruments

1 Highway Star - Deep Purple

At #1 because Deep Purple is where it all started (although their first song with this combination was Hard Lovin' Man, 1970). - Metal_Treasure

2 Octavarium - Dream Theater
3 Rainbow in the Dark - Dio
4 A Light in the Black - Rainbow
5 Holy Diver - Dio
6 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden
7 Chance - Savatage
8 The Coming Curse - Iced Earth
9 Iconoclast - Symphony X
10 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) - Savatage

A masterpiece with real piano by Jon Oliva. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Everytime I Die - Children of Bodom
12 Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen

A great song and Jens Johansson is incredible. - Metal_Treasure

13 Phobophile - Cryptopsy

Real piano in a technical death metal song - Metal_Treasure

14 The Unforgiven III - Metallica
15 Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne

My favorite keyboard part, especially live. Just purely beautiful. - JoLeKosovo

16 The Violation - Fleshgod Apocalypse

Real piano used in technical death metal - Metal_Treasure

17 Last Rites / Loved to Deth - Megadeth
18 Morphine Child - Savatage
19 Bare Bones - Overkill
20 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow

The keyboard uses in this song is quite underrated. - zxm

21 Age of False Innocence - Blind Guardian

Real piano intro, some of the best vocals by Hansi ever. Sadly, it's one of the most underrated Blind Guardian songs. It's very proggy and a bit softer than their usual songs but it's very intense. - Metal_Treasure

22 Fullmoon - Sonata Arctica
23 Paradise Lost - Symphony X
24 Sacrifice - Edguy
25 Commissar - Savatage
26 Moon of My Nights - Kalmah
27 Condemned to Obscurity - Gorguts
28 Feint - Epica
29 Kissing the Shadows - Children of Bodom
30 Bastards of the Machine - Symphony X
31 Smoke and Mirrors - Symphony X
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