Top 10 Metal Songs that Sound Like the Classical Music Of the 21st Century

There's one thing people noticed long ago - metal and classical go very well together. The reason is very simple: the roots of metal are in classical music more than in any other music genre. And this has been becoming more clearer over time, with every new stage of the metal evolution. As of the 21st century, after 50 years of metal history, the trends are more than obvious.
Some even define metal as classical music in the era of electricity and electric guitars.

The Top Ten

1 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian

My jaw dropped when I first heard it. - Metal_Treasure

2 And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope - Ne Obliviscaris

It's not only the violin makes you think of classical but also the song is composed like a classical sonata - in movements, all of which are awesome and transitions between them are just wow. - Metal_Treasure

3 Ghost Love Score - Nightwish

A song from Finland. - Metal_Treasure

4 Kingdom of Heaven - Epica

Prog/Symphonic metal - Metal_Treasure

5 Dante's Inferno - Septicflesh

Just play the sample (it's a death metal song but the sample features only an instrumental section so it's safe to play it - no death growls) - Metal_Treasure

6 Sacred Worlds - Blind Guardian

The entire song just sounds like modern classical music. But you can still feel the amount of metal in it. - Metal_Treasure

7 I Am - Theocracy

Softer and beautiful song. - Metal_Treasure

8 Mana - Equilibrium

It's a very beautiful instrumental song - Metal_Treasure

9 The Deported - Beyond Creation

Play the sample (it features only an instrumental section).
Isn't this classical music on electric guitars? Yes, it is. But officially it's progressive/technical death metal. - Metal_Treasure

10 The Violation - Fleshgod Apocalypse

This sounds like brutal classical music, haha. Extreme classical music 😊 - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) - Savatage

A metal song of 1995 than became a pretty popular Christmas song thanks to being re-issued by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Most probably it's a re-issue and not a cover but I'm not 100% sure. - Metal_Treasure

12 Grand Parade - Blind Guardian
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