Top 10 Metal Songs Where the Vocalist Provides Both Growls and Clean Vocals

Songs sung by one singer who switches from growls to clean vocals and vice versa.

Songs with 2 vocalists are not allowed (where one singer provides clean vox and another singer - growls).

- how good both types of vocals are: some singers are almost equally good at both, some others - either better at growls or clean vox
- how good the song is

My original Top 10 includes one song per band to provide variety but some bands have many songs that can be on this list.

The Top Ten Metal Songs Where the Vocalist Provides Both Growls and Clean Vocals

1 Ghost of Perdition - Opeth

Vox: Mikael Akerfeldt.
I would say he's equally good at both types of vocals though his growls impress me more. - Metal_Treasure


*whispers* along with many other bands - Ananya

2 Twilight - Edge of Sanity

Vox: Dan Swanö.
He's very good at both but probably his growls are a bit better. - Metal_Treasure

3 Tides of Blood - Into Eternity

Vox: Stu Block, currently the lead vocalist for Iced Earth.
Just play the song sample. He's so good at both types of vocals. But because Stu Block joined Iced Earth, a band that never used growls, he became known for his powerful clean vocals, reminiscent of Matt Barlow vocals. - Metal_Treasure

4 Panophobia - The Agonist

Vox: Alissa White-Gluz, currently in Arch Enemy.
Her growls are better than her clean voice but her clean vox are very good as well. - Metal_Treasure

5 Wrong Side - Strapping Young Lad

Vox: Devin Townsend.
His clean vox are surprisingly operatic! I would say his clean vox are better than his growls. - Metal_Treasure

6 Septuagint - Obscura

Vox: Steffen Kummerer
He prefers growling and rarely sings clean but in some songs he does. Septuagint is a very beautiful song. - Metal_Treasure

7 Sadness and Hate - Wintersun

Vox: Jari Mäenpää.
I think Jari is more confident when he does growls. - Metal_Treasure

8 Forward Momentum - Dark Tranquillity

Vox: Mikael Stanne - Metal_Treasure

9 Death of a King - Amorphis

Vox: Tomi Joutsen.
Most of the time he uses clean vocals but he can growl and he does it on some songs. - Metal_Treasure

10 Everything Invaded - Moonspell

Vox: Fernando Ribeiro

I like his low clean voice but he growls pretty often as well. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Misery's Crown - Dark Tranquillity

Vox: Mikael Stanne - Metal_Treasure

12 Time - Wintersun

Vox: Jari Maenpaa The cleans are actually the better vocals in this song. - IronSabbathPriest

13 Reason to Believe - Arch Enemy

Vox: Alissa White-Gluz.
A song of 2017 - Metal_Treasure

14 Celestial Spheres - Obscura
15 Timeless Winter - Into Eternity
16 Velocity - Obscura
17 Beautiful Death - Wintersun
18 Thank You Pain - The Agonist

Vox: Alissa White-Gluz - Metal_Treasure

19 Atoma - Dark Tranquillity
20 Time Immemorial - Into Eternity
21 Silent Waters - Amorphis
22 Into Battle - Ensiferum
23 Token of Time - Ensiferum

Vox: Jari Mäenpää. - Metal_Treasure

24 Bleak - Opeth
25 Who Is Gonna Be the One - Jinjer
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