Top 10 Metal Songs with Accentuated Bass

Some metal "critics" accuse metal of having inaudible bass, including thrash metal. I disagree with that and would say that people who love bass just didn't listen to the right metal songs.

However, bass isn't the leading instrument in metal (guitar is) and you shouldn't expect to hear the bass like in a funk song - metal isn't funk.

The Top Ten

1 Peace Sells - Megadeth
2 Orion - Metallica

Metallica played part of the bassline at Cliff's funeral and Hetfield got a tattoo with the notes they played at the funeral. - Metal_Treasure

3 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth

Just play the song sample (bass solo) - Metal_Treasure

4 And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope - Ne Obliviscaris
5 Orbital Elements - Obscura

Play the song sample - that fretless bass sound is awesome - Metal_Treasure

6 Silence Calls the Storm - Quo Vadis

If you play the song sample you can hear a very audible fretless bass - Metal_Treasure

7 Omnipresent Perception - Beyond Creation
8 Anticosmic Overload - Obscura

The song that made fretless bass in metal cool again - Metal_Treasure

9 Intra Venus - Ne Obliviscaris

There's even a bass solo on fretless bass (by the way, the bass is audible even in the short section of the song sample). - Metal_Treasure

10 Akroasis - Obscura

One of the things I like about Obscura is that you can hear clearly all instruments in their songs (play the sample) - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Dawn Patrol - Megadeth

Great bassline but this song doesn't sound like a metal song to me - Metal_Treasure

12 The Living Vault - Augury

Bass intro and other cool stuff
(a song of 2018) - Metal_Treasure

13 Clandestine Stars - Obscura

Awesome bass solo
(a song of 2018) - Metal_Treasure

14 An Epilogue to Infinity - Obscura
15 Ten Sepiroth - Obscura
16 Ode to the Sun - Obscura
17 Mater Dolorosa - Augury
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