Top 10 Metal Songs with the Boldest Experimental Ideas

Needless to say the songs must be good - they may sound unusual but good. In other words, bold experiments that worked.

I ranked the songs by degree of "boldness".

The Top Ten

1 Magnetic Propulsion (Tientos) - Flametal

A song of 2014 that combines flamenco and heavy metal, and it works for me. I think they created a new metal subgenre (flamenco metal) but as far as I know they are still the only band that plays it.
If interested, check out the list Top 10 Flametal Songs - Metal_Treasure

Great combo of flamenco and meta. - AliciaMae

2 And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope - Ne Obliviscaris

There are parts on violin in an extreme metal song. This song is so unique that polarized the metal community:
1) on the one hand, even non-metal musicians were impressed and the song was included in a teaching curriculum to be studied for its composition (Sydney Conservatorium of Music)
2) on the other, some narrow-minded metal elitists said that Ne Obliviscaris music is great but the band must get rid of the violinist. - Metal_Treasure

3 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

A pretty long song without a chorus (length - 7:08). Later, many metal songs were composed in that manner (Holy Wars) but in 1982 it was unusual. Before that, a notable song without a chorus was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Obviously Iron Maiden learned from the best.
But Hallowed Be Thy Name wasn't Maiden's first song without a chorus - Phantom of the Opera doesn't have a chorus either. - Metal_Treasure

Even though this song has no chorus, it's one of the best songs I've listened to! - PhoenixAura81

4 Stargazer - Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore used Arabic scales for a heavy song and it worked:
a half-Turkish scale and a Phrygian dominant scale for the solo (common in Arabic and Egyptian music; the song is about Egypt so it makes sense). - Metal_Treasure

5 The Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater

It has over 128 time/meter signature changes within 6:13 minutes. - Metal_Treasure

6 Captor of Sin - Slayer

It starts with a guitar solo (a song of 1984). - Metal_Treasure

7 Veil of Maya - Cynic

Latin jazz in a metal song (play the sample) - Metal_Treasure

8 Majesty - Blind Guardian

They used an Austrian waltz as an intro to a speed metal song - a pretty fast, aggressive and heavy song. The intro is a barrel organ version of Johann Strauss II's waltz The Blue Danube. - Metal_Treasure

9 Breaking the Law - Judas Priest

There's a bridge instead of a guitar solo - Metal_Treasure

10 Age of Shadows - Ayreon

1) parts of the lyrics are in binary code (0,1)
2) 8 singers have parts with lead vocals but it doesn't sound eclectic, it sounds great:
Jørn Lande, Daniel Gildenlöw, Floor Jansen, Hansi Kürsch, Anneke van Giersbergen, Jonas Renkse, Steve Lee, Tom Englund. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Painkiller - Death
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