Top 10 Metal Songs with Great Live Versions


The Top Ten

1 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

(Live at Beast Over Hammersmith 1982).
This isn't the version that is on their Live After Death album. This one is slightly different and I like it better than the original. - Metal_Treasure

2 Highway Star - Deep Purple (Made In Japan)
3 Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden (Live After Death)

Better than the studio version - both vocals and instruments. - Metal_Treasure

4 For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica (S&M)

With The San Francisco Symphony 1999 - Metal_Treasure

5 Valhalla - Blind Guardian

(Imaginations Through the Looking Glass, live DVD 2004).
This is the version with the crowd singing the chorus for about 4 minutes. - Metal_Treasure

6 The Blackest Day - Annihilator (Live At Masters of Rock DVD, 2009)

There's an awesome interplay between guitarists Jeff Waters and Dave Padden during the instrumental part in the middle of the song.
Also the drummer is very interesting after the fake song ending when the singer says "This is the end" (but the music comes back). - Metal_Treasure

7 Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden (A Real Live One)
8 Lord of the Rings - Blind Guardian (Tokyo Tales 1993)

The vocals! Hansi always sings like there's no tomorrow but the emotion, passion and power he puts in this live version are incredible. - Metal_Treasure

9 One - Metallica (Live In Mexico City, Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge)

The version from Seattle '89 is also very good, maybe even better than this, but there wasn't a sample for it [Live in Seattle, Sh*t: Binge & Purge] - Metal_Treasure

10 Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen

(Live in Leningrad, Russia, 1989) - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Kings of Metal - Manowar
12 Enter Sandman - Metallica

In Moscow 1991 - Metal_Treasure

13 Ghost Division - Sabaton

Recorded at Woodstock Festival in 2012 in Poland, on their live DVD 'Swedish Empire Live'.
There's an live official video on YouTube by Nuclear Blast Records - Metal_Treasure

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