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21 Take No Prisoners - Megadeth V 1 Comment
22 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Take the painkiller, psycho on your bicycle.
Actual Lyric:
Take the painkiller, cycle on your bicycle.

Summer rain, dripping down that piece of paper.
Actual Lyric:
Summer rain, dripping down your face again. - Metal_Treasure

He is the bean killer
Biscuits are painkillers

Actual lyric:
He is the painkiller
This is the painkiller - IronSabbathPriest

23 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Controlling bastard, I'll be your mustard! Mustard!
Original Lyrics:
Come crawling faster, obey your master! Master! - Metal_Treasure

V 1 Comment
24 Voices - Dream Theater

F*** this wh**e.
Actual Lyric:
Thought disorder. - Metal_Treasure

25 Breaking the Law - Judas Priest

1) Rakin' the lawn! Rakin' the lawn!
True lyric:
Breakin' the Law! Breakin' the Law!

2) Brick in the lawn! Brick in the lawn!
True lyric:
Breakin' the Law! Breakin' the Law! - Metal_Treasure

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26 Ride the Lightning - Metallica

As I watch Jethro Tull!

Haha, that's super cool. Thanks.
Actual lyric - "As I watch death unfold". - Metal_Treasure

This is awesome: "As I watch Jethro Tull" instead of the actual lyric "As I watch death unfold".
I love this one because in the 1989 Grammy Awards, Metallica lost out to Jethro Tull and this award was named "Grammy's biggest upset". Why? Because nobody (except the Grammys) considered Jethro Tull to be part of the hard rock or heavy metal genre.
In the early 90s, when Metallica won a Grammy, Lars Ulrich of Metallica said "We wanna thank Jethro Tull for not putting out an album this year". LOL. - Metal_Treasure

27 Deep Six - Marilyn Manson V 1 Comment
28 Nostradamus - Judas Priest

Nostradamus! Is a Fake!

Actual Lyrics: Nostradamus, He's Avenged!

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29 Domination - Pantera

I hear "minivans" every time I listen to the song. - Element119

It's domination, pushed into minivans.
Actual Lyric:
It's domination, pushed into living hell. - Metal_Treasure

30 Turbo Lover - Judas Priest

I'm your turbo lover, tell me there's no oven - SteelCity99

I'm your terrible lover, tell me there's no other.
Original Lyric:
I'm your turbo lover, tell me there's no other. - Metal_Treasure

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31 Scavenger of Human Sorrow - Death

Thanks to whoever added this - it's a good one! LOL - Metal_Treasure

So you've travelled far to spread your raisin bread of misery?
Then there's
Beware of the sharp edged women, called human pee

32 And Justice for All - Metallica

This is a great one, LOL. Thanks! - Metal_Treasure

Power roast beef at your door
Feel the stockings.

Original Lyrics:
Power wolves beset your door
Hear them stalking.

33 Fade to Black - Metallica

LOL - Metal_Treasure

No one can take my cellphone away.
Original Lyrics:
No one but me can save myself.

34 Too Extreme! - Morbid Angel

I got another misheard lyric for this one

"They scream we're Poo extreme"

Actual Lyric
"They scream we're too extreme"

LOL - christangrant

Pain, Pain, Pain,Pain
Actual Lyric
Panic, Panic, Panic, Panic

yeah what I hear is Pain which fits the song because it is PAIN to listen to this crap - christangrant

35 Urn (Part I) - And Within the Void We are Breathless - Ne Obliviscaris

We need aqueducts, anointed... we transfigure
Actual Lyric:
Beneath aqueducts, anointed... we transfigure - Metal_Treasure

36 Can I Play With Madness - Iron Maiden

Can I play with magnets? - Metal_Treasure

37 The Lotus Eater - Opeth

The liquid is in your throat, all pasteurized.
Actual Lyric:
The liquid is in your throat for hopeless delight. - Metal_Treasure

38 Mouth for War - Pantera

1) Spit the truth about me to Germans.
Original Lyrics:
Speak the truth about me determined.

2) Hairspray to hold raw energy.
Original Lyrics:
Hands break to hone raw energy. - Metal_Treasure

39 Disposable Heroes - Metallica
40 Seek and Destroy - Metallica
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