Art of Life - X Japan


This is the song made almost 20 years ago, and sure to influence many artists around the world for more than 20 years. I recognized this band recently, it's a shame.

You must hear this song if you like metal song. This is the legendary metal (ballad) song. Yoshiki (drummer, pianist, composer, leader of X Japan) need 3 year for make this song.

If you ever hear this song you will agree this song is the best metal song ever. Better than "Master of Puppets", "Fade to Black", "Welcome to the junggle", or even "Hallowed Be Thy Name". - fratza

Saying that this song is a masterpiece is an understatement. This song deserves to be heard, and given more credit than it's been given. Most people today won't be able to understand the emotional struggles of life without this song's stupendous riffs and the altitudinous vocals. Nothing short of inspiring. From the chaotic piano-playing to the 'larger-than-life' ending, this song brings a new meaning to the term, Epic.

Art of Life... the title speaks for itself. With duration almost 30 minutes, the band was able to bring every listener to their deep dark world of life. Touching every edge of human's sense, extend to the boundary of being insane at the piano solo part. This basically the only song which drives the listeners crazy. Simply said, the song that's alive. - kurotenshi

30 minutes music of life itself. listen to the lyric, feel the music, and you'll say "yes, this is life". The best way ever of describing what life is. Composed by world best living musician, performed by the world's greatest band with world class skills.
Brace yourself before you listen to this, because you'll hear a song, a music that you never hear before. - kurenai_tenshi

Probably Art Of Life isn't only a metal song, this is the reason why is in 3th position, 'because it's the best modern music song the human mind can actually compose and it has more than 15 years... Hey guy here we are in front of something unnaturally great... Keep it on mind when you vote. Can you really compare Art Of Life with other songs?

most people dissing this song probably haven't heard it before. this is one of the most underrated metal songs in history - don't get me wrong, I love iron maiden, and I wish hallowed be thy name would be top, but art of life is really an experience like what thefink mentioned, and it deserves a top 3 at least.

I like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Linin Park and other... BUT X Japan is a legend, Metallica, Iron Maiden (etc.. ) are just popular and over rated! The worst is that little peaople know about X Japan, others just ignore them becouse of nation.. Becouse they are Japanese T_T... They just think that Americans and Europeans are always better in everything.. but they are wrong...

I'm actually surprised art of life is so high on the list, because I was under the impression that X was less known through most of the world. Nevertheless, it's easily my favorite metal song, and even though its 30 minutes long it manages to stay interesting. You know it's a good song when the clarity of the vocals is the only weak link.

I've been a Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica fan for a long time. They were and still are my Gods.

But recently I came across X Japan. Art of Life is a complete win. I researched on them and I love them like anything now.
Art of Life is a great song. I love the symphonic elements merging with the Rock sound. The drums and guitar sections are awesome. The piano solo is extraordinary. And the spoken words... they are EPIC!

Long Live X Japan.

M/ We are X m/

Art of life is the best song I ever heard. Almost every genre of music is combined. Classical elements and metal are very well mixed and it deserves to be number 1.

Never heard of X Japan and this song before, but thanks to this site I have. And I won't ever regret it. Masterpiece!

I never thought so many people love X Japan. Even though there is no 'best metal song' Art Of Life deserves the respect of every music lover. I gave my vote for X Japan not because I think they are better than Metallica or Iron Maiden, but because they deserve more that they accomplished.

Everybody on these keep complaining "X Japan? Why are they even on this list, I never even heard of them! " I had a simalir reaction about 3 weeks ago. I am one of those who really likes a lot of the songs on this list. So I decided that I'd give this song a chance. I definitely didn't regret it. I love this song. It may not be the best song ever, but it's definitely one that deserves to be on this top ten list.

Please tell me that racism does not apply here. Nobody else in the history of heavy metal was ever good enough to compose a song like this. So what if it is from a Japanese band? It does not only rock, but its also beautiful. - aeromaxx777

A unique approach to songwriting, Art of Life by X Japan is something any musician/music lover should have a look at. How do you keep a 30-minute-long song interesting? X Japan has the recipe explained through this song.

This is my favorite song, makes you see life as a work of art, just have not heard a piece that will exceed it. It is a vivid reflection of the life of a person. Toshi, Hide, Yoshiki, Pata and Heat are just the best!

I'm a metallica fan...
But honestly speaking this song is better than any other song, including master of puppets!
awesome lyrics as well...

This song is an epic... It's more than just a metal song, it's a spiritual journey (Stairway to Heaven as well), I listen to it at least once a weak and contemplate simultaneously... It almost became a ceremony

Not much people listened or even know x Japan
Even less people had ever heard of Art of Life
And much much less people know that the leader of this band and also the composer of this song "Yoshiki", wrote this song reflecting his own life when during his childhood time his father commit suicide.
This is the "true story" of Yoshiki,
And that is why it sounds some powerful.

For a different metal experience, listen to Art of Life by X Japan. Gripping music that lasts 30 minutes, and when it's over... you realize it'll stay with you for Life.

I thought it would be crap and also thought nothing could beat master of puppets and hallowed be thy name... and guess what... it did... its truly awesome - kameel

I don't care what anybody says. I like this song and that's that. I can give you over 1000 reasons to love Art of Life, but I believe that there is honor in self experience. ROCK HARD PEOPLE! - aeromaxx777

Art of life is a wonderful song, a poem with music, is the story of my own life. And the Band is just a live legend. The favorite song for a lot of people and mine too.

So happy to see this here at #2, very unexpected as I thought I was the only one who ever heard of X Japan. This is truly an AMAZING piece of music.

Just... MASTERPIECE! Hands down this piece has everything to become the best metal song ever! This song has made history for all of us!