Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth


What after chop suey, again who's X-japan, this song should be #1, still can't play this song, awesome lyrics backed with the most influencing guitar works, this song is far more better than master of puppets, again this song should be #1.. MEGADETH rules...

And just when I was scrolling my mouse I found Forever winter by Antim GRahan, never thought they will be on the list its a great song and yes I am from Nepal, people please check out Ma sano prakash by Atomic Bush, you will love it, you won't regret it..

I have to be completely honest. Being on this website for 10ish threads, I can see how Megadeth and Metallica bias this place is. Now, my favorite Megadeth. So, I don't take offense to it. I just feel it's very hard for a band other than those two to make it in these lists. Nevertheless, I vote holy wars because it is my all time favorite song. I think it's highly underrated by people too closed minded in their favorite bands music to really think. Either way, those people have no effect on me enjoying this song. So, like I said before, I am voting for this.

Thrash Metal as its best! No doubt this got to be number one. Friedman and Mustaine did such a good job on this one. I play guitar for 18 years now and this album contains some of the hardest things I have ever tried to handle on guitar. The difficulty of the songs got nothing to do with my vote for this album though. It is about the music everything is just perfect exept Dave's singing, if you just look on the singing in my opinion Master of Puppets deserves number 1 but I am voting for this album cause it got everything nearly perfect.

This is absolutely mind-blowing. I have been a Metallica fan since forever, but Master of Puppets cannot touch this masterpiece. The first time I heard this was on full blast over my earphones... Never has a song kicked me in the nuts this hard. True Metal. True ass-kicking. Musically perfect.

Not my favorite megadeth song honestly... Excellent live though and honestly in a list with 4 Metallica songs a Japan X (so not metal) a Iron Maiden song that's not The Trooper or Run to the Hills what choice did I have. This is a pretty sad website maybe it's because the general public is just stupid.

This song alone stands like two pillars of thrash metal. This song is somehow both melodic, heavy, and fast at the same time. Dave's aggression fueled solo perfectly compliments Marty's virtuosity. Not necessarily my favorite metal song but it is the best hands down if that makes any sense.

I like Master of puppets, but come on, David's solos are far better than Hammet's that are used in Master of puppets. And yet still this song is only in 5th place, it deserves 2nd or 1st

Real metal. This defines it. Get System of a Down and X Japan the hell out of here! NOBODY can match Dave Mustaine's songwriting and guitar-playing abilities. This goes without saying: this is THE BEST song by THE BEST thrash metal band.

if you compare the solos of master of puppets and holy wars, then you would notice that puppets solo is like a joke compared to holy wars. - megadeth4

If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, this would probably be my biggest consideration. It is metal perfection.

So many songs in one, the amazing speed and combination in the opening and that rift, the damning vocals of Mustaine, the smooth changes, and that chaotic yet composed ending building up the tension that "take my thoughts away..."

I can't believe this list this is a popularity list not a metal list why would x japan be in the top 10 AND not ac/dc an wtf 4 metallica songs? anyway holy wars should be number 1

Of course guys, this song is pretty awesome. But let be honest, it is not their best song. And I can't understand why here are so many Metallica songs! I listened to very many of there songs and it is annoying me just by the 30th time when I listen to it (yes I hear very much music). There are too many other great bands out there. At least one Black Sabath song should be under the top 10 (my suggestion is war pigs, it is my favorite).
So I don't want to talk much more, the last thing that I want to say is that MEGADETH is for me the greatest Metal Band in the history!

This song should definitely be up there in the top 3, never even heard of this 'X Japan' band, This song is Metal at its best, heard it so many times could hum the rhythm and the solos from start to finish

This song means everything. Dave Mustaine hasn't good vocal but in this song he has very good like Bruce Dickinson. Guitar riffs and solo is unbelievable. That'S it. It is Holy wars. Long Live Dave Mustaine

I would choose Hangar 18 over Holy Wars, but, it is the best thing on this list, NOT any Metallica songs. (I'm also a Metallica fan though) and though I'm a huge System of a Down fan, Chop Suey is NOT better than this.

This completely destroys most of the songs on the list. It's definitely better than all the alt metal, metalcore and deathcore that the scene kiddies have picked. Pretty blistering song.

The absolute greatest song in music history, the lyrics, the guitar is the best a human can hear on the earth. This is what metal is all about. THIS IS MUSIC AT ITS BEST!

Please, Master of Puppets better than Holy Wars? But even Fade to Black is better than Master of Puppets, I think Holy Wars should be in 2# and the first place belongs to Hallowed By The Name.

This song is metal in its purest form. The solos are godlike and have expression unlike many metal song especially nu metal. I think this masterpiece should be at least in the top 3.

Not even a doubt the power of Mustaine amazing voice and great guitar playing while singing some great lyrics with a deep meaning. These riffs and vocals are the best in metal.

Holy wars below in the fifth place?. This is nonsense, my cell brains can't comprehend the reason because this song is placed so far below. This song must easily takes the #1 spot.

Damn right! It has to be in this list... Just don't know why it isn't further up... Its an awesome song... Megadeth really showed its true capability with this masterpiece of theirs!

Megadeth is superior to Metallica in every way shape and formed. And this tune is a gift from angels. Rust in Peace is a great great great album.

This song is far better than "master of puppets".. Nothing can beat this song.. Dave mustaine at his best.. If there is no "megadeth" there is no heavy metal. "megadeth rules! "