Master of Puppets - Metallica


Master of Puppets is easily the best song on this list. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Hallowed Be Thy Name, in fact I had quite a bit of trouble choosing between the two. However, I went with the former because Master of Puppets is simply genius. The vocals and the guitar blend like salt and pepper, and the solo is wonderful as well. This song will leave an impact on you. I promise.

This is certainly not the best metal song, and Metallica is certainly not the best metal band by any stretch. Everything after MoP wasn't as good, especially after the black album. Black Sabbath, iron maiden, and maybe megadeath are all better than Metallica, who has completely sold out, and no longer makes good music. War pigs, paranoid, hallowed be thy name... All better than MoP

Metal songs are all around us, but some STAND out. Master of Puppets is one of them. The intensity of the song, and the ability to bang your head just make it a kick ass song. Should remain as the ultimate.

This song is the "anthem" of all metal songs. No other band but Metallica can go from the most badass riffs on electric guitar to the most melancholic ones in the same song. Maybe Metallica are not the fathers of metal but they sure perfected it.

What the hell do you know about metal if you can't feel the speciality of this great song. It shows using drugs won't solve any of your problems only gives you empty promises and wishes which in the end you will never reach to them. So I can tell you this song is king of metal songs

a song of epic proportions it just trumps all metal songs that exist. the only one that can compete is ride the lightning, which is also one of their songs. so basically metallica creates the best metal songs ever, and this song definitely deserves to be number one of all time.

Simply the best song EVER! The skill of METALLICA from both speed and skill including multiple times changes makes this song one that will go down as one of the best songs of all time. The lyrics are also awesome. The solo by Hammet also belongs as one of the best solos of all time.

This is definitely one of the best metal songs of all time. I love how Metallica were practically an anti-drug group. Really, this song deals a lot with drug addiction. Glad they weren't junkies like most bands were. Though, they did drink a lot! - HolyDeth

Master of puppets really a master because this song redefines metal it has everything a metal song needs to have and more it has pounding drums, Powerful riffs an interlude and an amazing solo plus screaming vocals what more could you ask for?

even just the beginning of the song, the intro was very metal!
even the vocalist, was like a monster of muffets..
especially the drummer.. he was very wild..
even the acoustic part.. cooll!
there was an identified theme..
my # 1..

This is easily such a master piece. And what to say? IT was made by a bunch of kids in their garage. It stood against time. And claimed Metallica its opening seat as the "Gods" of metal. Quite simple it's the FreeBird of Metal. - Memmorie

This song perfectly captures everything that has made metal great. There is a raw power to this song that has never been captured before or since. Metallica are the masters of metal and this is their magnum opus.

MASTER!...enough said already makes number 1 because there is no other perfect metal song like this one, great vocals, killer guitar work, heavy riffs, fast, clean section, insane solo, amazing drums, just an absolute masterpiece-ha see what I did there MASTERpiece!

as a music achievement probably the best song ever beside fade to black and one. Such a true song which touches everyone's soul and have power to rise over the question and meaning of life. It is just a display of the best band ever. Metallica is my religion!

I just want to make this clear for everyone of the dumbasses out there. Guns N' Roses is not a metal band, therefore they don't have any metal songs. Master of Puppets is the perfect example of a metal song. - Bigredgum69

A few things. How the hell is chop suey in the top three. How are System of a Down and X Japan AND A7X all above painkiller? And heaven and hell isn't even on the list? What is going on here? At least Metallica is number one. That is a necessity.

Any true metal fan knows as a FACT that this is the best metal song ever made. The guitar riffs are some of the most awesome ever conceived and James Hetfield's singing is extremely badass and intense. The guitar work is God-like and the solo is just unbelieveable. The lyrics are some of the most POWERFUL in any song regardless of genre. This song is definitely the pinnacle of the metal genre.

This song I would say is one of the best songs ever, every single part and instrument is a joy to listen to and the whole thing is a kick ass masterpiece by the metal masters.

Best song ever. Master of Puppets was my first metal song. Metallica is my favourite band. I miss these. Beatles, Metallica etc. Type of good music is hard to come by these days. Everything sounds the same. And it's not good.

I was listening to this song thinking to myself this is the best song I've ever heard. I wonder what other people think. I search best metal songs and of course this is what I find. Amazing song

Definitely! (-o-)! Metallica has stood the test of time! They may not be my fave band... But.. I must admit that this song wasn't my favorite at first but it has definitely cemented it's place as #1 in my book now... Rock on Metallica!

You can get hundreds of things from lyrics. Every one has its own opinion about it. And that's what Metallica has that other bands don't. most of Metallica's other songs are like this as well

This song defines the pinnacle of what Metallica created. The lyrics are smart, the riffs are brilliant, and this may be Lars at his best. 30 years later this song still makes my blood boil with metal/happy/rage.

I think this is not right, I mean even Fade to Black is better than Master of Puppets, I mean, Master of Puppets is a good song, that's true, but I don't thing it's better that masterpieces like Hallowed by The Name or Holy Wars...

This has got to be in the top three best songs ever made of any genre. I've always been more of a metalcore person, but this beats any metalcore song out there, and pretty much any other metal song.