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181 Iconoclast - Symphony X
182 Highway Star - Deep Purple

One of Purple's killer songs. Deep Purple is a rock band, not a metal band...hence the title "In Rock". Hard rock bands of the 1970s were called heavy metal bands but most were really just heavy rock or sludge rock bands and it wasn't till the 1980s when real heavy metal started to emerge. - frankmartin

This is one of Deep Purples greatest songs, Listen to its guitar solo, its sweet

One of the first metal songs. And speed metal was born. - Metal_Treasure

183 Damned for All Time - Corrosion of Conformity

I'll vote for this white noise with a bullet. CoC going toe-to-toe with Hetfield and co.

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184 Desecration of Souls - Mercyful Fate

I do, and as a desecration to Mercyful Fate, I think the album Melissa is even better - but I have noticed this odd 666 marking under my hair.

It is a desecration of souls to not own 'Desecration of Souls'.

The Album where is this song is so so so GOOD.
"Don't Break The Oath" : A must have in your discography!

185 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Listen to all of the instruments, vocals, guitar, solos and riffs, bass and drums. This is a true masterpiece that should be in the top 5.

Not enough content on it. The duelists etc. Nicko is too loose, and the production isn't great.

Brilliant when they play this on a tour and at a concert

From Iron Maiden's last truly great album, the title-track is fantastic.

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186 Tornado of Souls - Megadeth

Definitely one of the best songs in the entire rock industry, not just metal. Should be top 3 AT LEAST.

Great mighty solo by marty friedman

143. What. Best solo in all of Metal.


And yet it's down here while enter Sandman is up there?

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187 Halo - Machine Head

From an album named The Blackening, with a black cover, and a bonus track named Battery. Machine Head's Black album.

188 It's So Easy - Guns N' Roses
189 2 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden

I actually skip this song. The chorus is forced melody. The album represents Iron Maiden's fine form beginning to wane in my opinion.

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190 Child In Time - Deep Purple

Ian Gillan conquering the galaxy with his voice. Listen to the record from their album Live in Japan.

I have this album and I wouldn't call it heavy metal. I wouldn't call anything Purple recorded heavy metal. The majority of Purple's albums are heavy on the keyboards more than the guitar. This song kind of drifts along, nothing heavy about it. - frankmartin

I prefer the album version. It is a song of such majesty that only Stargazer comes even remotely close.

It's metal, I can believe - zxm

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191 Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback
192 The Last In Line - Dio

When Holy Diver is ranked so high, it's strange to see the song that typically gets mentioned in the same discussion as the best Dio song so low on this list.

193 Bible Black - Heaven & Hell
194 Eyeless - Slipknot
195 Critical Acclaim - Avenged Sevenfold

To be honest, I haven't even heard them. I was going with the flow, but you heard me out. The names? Needs to change if they want to make it.

This is the best Avenged Sevenfold song so far. It should definitely be higher.

196 A Lesson In Violence - Exodus

Lol! You only needed to go to one of their early 80's shows and experience what a lesson in violence meant when 'A Lesson in Violence' was played.

197 Song of the Damned - Soilwork
198 Purify - Neurosis
199 Burning Angel - Arch Enemy
200 Bewitched - Candlemass
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