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301 Nymphetamine Fix - Cradle of Filth

AMAZING song guys!... cradle's best work till date... and rightfully grammy nominated... though hOw it lost out to slayer's eyes of the insane I don't understand.. listen to it!... this deserves to be much much higher up in the list..

beautiful. but I also love megadeth, I think megadeth songs should occupy the top ten, and this beautiful song at number 11.

Its amazing one by C.O.F I even listen to it when I'm typing this
simply awesome

My best friend has been trying to get me to do it for years, without success. Lol

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302 Warriors of the World United - Manowar

They're Australian. They are officially the greatest hard rock band. I don't know why people they're otherwise. I guess to outsiders it may sound otherwise. But I love Bon Scott and Back in Black. But stopped after that.

The power of true Heavy Metal! Yeah, that's what it is, I can't understand people saying AC/DC is Metal... according to me that is Rock or Hard rock. Stick to the topic.

Great vocal with great lyrics saying about the fight for the metal wars... Really a heavy metal songs must listen..

They are actually regarded as cheesy here. No offense. Each to their own.

303 Rooster - Alice in Chains

Woah. I just voted for Alice in Top 10 metal. And this and Again are the only two Alice songs on here? Once again I'll scream "Them Boones"! However, Rooster really is a deep and very well-respected track; it's just divine. Murky, slow-building atmosphere brilliance. Love the way Layne delivers the chorus, so much feeling and defiance.

This song is great, it just rocks, please replace the final with this!

Great track from a great album. Them Bones was metal, then they would switch to heavy rock like this one, then go back to metal. Well ahead of their time.

Yes. I have all of their albums and ep's. All are quality.

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304 Dr. Stein - Helloween

Weikie is one of the best composers ever, very good music, I don't understand how Dragonforce was in a better place than this music! For me this one should be on the top 3, by the way my favorite music is The King for a Thousand Years and I don't conform how Keeper of the Seven Keys and The King for a Thousand years wasn't on this list.

A timeless classic in the world of rock! Dr. Stein need to be in the TOP 10, great guitars, fast drums, fantastic voice, vote for REAL MUSIC!

I have Keeper of the seven keys and walls of Jericho. They were good.

Showmanship. That's why. Dragonforce are freaks.

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305 I Am the Black Wizards - Emperor

This songs first 45 seconds are better than every other song on this list! - sorteal

best classic epic black metal track! - orf

Emperor is and always will be a god of black metal.

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306 We Come Out at Night - Avenged Sevenfold
307 Light of Day, Day of Darkness - Green Carnation

Best song ever! I'm so surprised to see Green Carnation here! You've gotta listen to that song at least once. It's like watching a movie

What else can I say, but an hour of pure epicness - raptor666

Taking me to school.

308 Parabola - Tool
309 Chelsea Smile - Bring Me the Horizon

One of the greatest song ever and suicide season one of the greatest albums ever. Lyrics are outstanding. One of the top bands in the UK. New album out check it out.

I have all their albums, but Sempiternal is crushing and That's The Spirit are the only two I like. One of their guitarists, who left, lives near me but too much substance abuse.

BMTH isn't metal. They're this music genre known as "hot garbage".

310 Armageddon It - Def Leppard

Yes I'm gettin' it, best DL song ever! But this is not metal, its hard rock

Over here they are a bit hard to define. They're not metal, maybe melodic hard rock? Dunno.

311 A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars
312 Holy Diver - Killswitch Engage

They sing it better than Dio? Dio was one of the greatest, most influential vocalists of all time. The only time anyone sings his songs better than him is when he passes on, which he did.

Love the song but KSE sing it better then Dio

313 Livewire - Seo Taiji

A metal anthem! Seo Taiji rocks majestic!

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314 Sulfur - Slipknot

Good song with cool lyrics, represents slipknot really well and is just a really good song. "there's something inside me that feels like breathing in sulfur"

I played along with you, don't like the masks, don't like the first two, but like the last 3. I like their music, just not the gimmicry. It's very immature here to have guys in their 40's like that. It is a broken that Durst does have. But I don't think anyone should be hated universally for making mistakes.

Slipknot bringing it intelligent style. I love bands that evolve, and Slipknot did.

315 Epic - Faith No More

Even the mightiest of the mighty, James Hetfield, regards Faith No More in the highest regard, as do I.

316 XXX For You - D'erlanger

this song rocks hard and art of life even if its hard and soft it is still a ballad - ronluna

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317 Sonne - Rammstein

Such a beautiful song with an awesome video!

Yeah, I have their live box set called something or other, and it's heavy, and unusually popular considering what they do.

318 Dance of Death - Riot
319 Metaphor - In Flames

This song is closer to a country song than a metal song

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320 War - Burzum

Varg is a genius

Don't they burn churches and stuff like that? Who was it that murdered someone? Was it Burzum? It's very distant here, but I'm aware of something. Dunno.

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