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321 Guti (The Finale) - Aurthohin

Great song, great bass work n solos. This band should get international recognation. Great talent. Just listen n you understand what aurthohin is.

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322 Only for the Weak - In Flames

How is this song not even in the top 100's?!

One of the only modern day musicians definitely worth at least top 50 - Diragaze

TOP 50 at least PLEASE god dammit

Can't you just do it yourself? Dunno how it all works. I have their double live dvd and the F Hostile tribute to Dimebag is a corker.

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323 Octavarium - Dream Theater

I don't care that this song is #461, it should be first. Just think of the level of diversity in the peace. Not only did they have there band, but a full, symphonic orchestra. The length of the piece allowed them to interweave from one idea to the next. This is similar to flowing from movement to movement in a classical piece of music. And that doesn't make the piece lame, it just shows how much thought has gone into the structure of the piece. Then you have the overall idea of the piece, expressed through the eerie lyrics and melody. Then, being as humanly progressive as possible, they take their beautiful melody and make uncountable variations on it (this is what allows the piece to move from one idea to the next). Humans naturally enjoy listening to things when we already know how they go. So the listener gets this effect, while, at the same time, what they know is slightly different, which keeps the viewer guessing, and on there toes. Dream Theater took this idea and stretched it ...more

This song changed my life. This song is what got me into Dream Theater. This song is beautiful. It might be 24 minutes long, but it is worth listening to.

Ok. Shall do. I'll 5-weeks vacation to do it. Lol.

324 Your Betrayal - Bullet for My Valentine

This opener from Fever made me call up my Spinal Tap 7.2 surround sound technicians and have the volume button turned up to 12 instead of 11. Gracias.

325 The Phantom Opera Ghost - Iced Earth

Incredible song...down here at #326. Think of all the junk listed above. There are about 15 songs on this list so far that are even close to this.

326 Moth Into Flame - Metallica

Why is this so low? It's better than master of puppets!

327 Hate Crew Deathroll - Children of Bodom
328 Constant Motion - Dream Theater

Ok. My friend is a big time fan. I did own Six Degrees of Turbulence but gave it to him as a gift as it has too much piano parts. If they bring heavy and progressive, like Glass Prison I like it. Train of Thought was more my favourite due to its heaviness.

This is a really good song and is one of my favorite songs by dream theater. It's very fast and has a good guitar riff and is one of their heaviest songs

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330 The Frayed Ends of Sanity - Metallica
331 Double Talkin' Jive - Guns N Roses
332 Revolution is My Name - Pantera

THIS IS A GREAT SONG! - heavymetalrocker777

333 Washington is Next! - Megadeth
334 Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot

Yeah, the lead singer passed on. It, and Twisted Sister are in my collection. Same with Wasp. Basically I'm a thrash fan.

QR isn't the best metal band but they at least should be in top 100. They were the first metal band to top the charts and they're 286. This is garbage that Trivium is ahead of one of the first metal bands.

I was a fan of the excellent Carlos Cavazzo, so he and Quiet Riot will only be forgotten when the fans shuffle off.

Classic! Cavazzo was a killer.

335 When Darkness Falls - Killswitch Engage
336 In Waves - Trivium

This is the song that truly got me into metalcore, and Trivium in general. It definitely isn't one of the best of all time but it's a great song nevertheless.

It's the best song on one of their lesser releases.

Honestly a horrible excuse for a metal band, a shame to it's predecessors.

This band and this song is very good. I dunno why this band don't have much vote. You must listen this one, and I'm sure you will love this man...

337 Trigger - Motorhead
338 Herzblut - Megaherz

The heck's wrong with you people? HIM!? LINKIN PARK!? This is a metal list! You can't just decide that because you enjoy certain riffs, and its a great song that its metal! Anyway... German metal song, awesome as hell.

Man, you know more than I do.

339 Kurenai - X Japan

Although X Japan aren't too well known outside of Japan, they are one of the best bands in my opinion. And if you took a bit of time to research this band you would find that, yes, X Japan is completely metal. Kurenai has a soft intro which transitions into a heavier and faster guitar riff with legendary drums and groovy bass. The singer is very good and fits the song nicely. The guitar solo is incredibly fast paced yet completely melodic, while the drum solo is well constructed and doesn't seem to have any gaps. All in all, a very good and very underrated metal song. Sorry for the long review, but I'm just trying to express my opinion.

Lol. Hey, that's what I've been doing the whole time. I could get shot for what I've said.

340 Full Moon - Sonata Arctica
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