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361 Sleepwalker - Megadeth
362 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem
363 Sound of Solitude - Myslovitz
364 Devil's Plaything - Danzig
365 Chapter 13 - Gorefest
366 Dummy Blue - D'erlanger
367 Gekkou - D'erlanger
368 Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater

Heaviest ever Dream Theater song. Awesome and a must-listen.

So they are heavy? Perhaps I've been too judgemental.

369 Round and Round - Ratt
370 Some Kind of Monster - Metallica

It's actually extremely heavy, but no solos, awful production, abominable drum sound. Underneath it all, I like Sweet Amber, Frantic, and a number of others. It may be so bad that it's good. They said the same of early Metallica, so who knows?

Dreadful! Please, remove this sample. It's contagious.

371 The Pot - Tool
372 Fuel - Metallica

Unfortunately for Metallica die-hards it isn't very good. It's not a sell out track, because they never did, but waxing lyrical about energy - motorbikes or metaphorically - still doesn't cut it. No Leaf Clover was far better. It was like Harvester of Sorrow, and though not as great, it was very good.

The bitter sell out rivalry is insane in the US. Music is sport there. It's crazy. I don't mind it. And they're allowed to do what they want, but people condemn them for not being thrash all the time. It's dreadful really.

From one of the greatest metal bands of all time there is no rest or moment of slowing down in this.

How is this #318?! This is one of my favourite Metallica songs they've done to this day!

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373 Sweating Bullets - Megadeth

Yes, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. They just don't know where to put him.

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374 Again - Alice in Chains

The definition of a "gritty song. "


375 M.I.A. - Avenged Sevenfold
376 Rose of Sharyn - Killswitch Engage

Killswitch aren't popular. Where I live they are very popular - and deservedly so - so I guess you have it good in the US, but your health care system sucks. Lol.

not a popular band, but the song lyrics sounds amazing

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377 Frantic Disembowelment - Cannibal Corpse

extreme lyrics, extreme growling make this song into a deadly one

Fair enough. Each to their own.

I prefer my disembowelments to be less frantic and tick, tick, tick, tock, Unfrantic!

378 Awake - Textures

I have heard of them, heard there good. So I'll try them.

the song gives a perfect meaning

379 The Red & the Black - Blue Oyster Cult

Brute force, frenetic energy, supple instrumental virtuosity, great intensity and urgency from this metal classic from BOC's 1973 yranny & Mutation LP. -

You know it all my man. I thought I lived metal but I may have overrated myself. Lol.

380 Backbone - Gojira

dis is the best metal song how can y'all not like dis its beast -

I think that was the Nailbomb collaboration with Cavalera. Dunno.

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