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401 Crimson - Edge of Sanity

Some of the best 40 minutes in metal... All in one some. Incredible. EoS, although popular, are seriously underrated in the mainstream metal fanbase. Crimson II is brilliant too, as is Twilight, 156, The Masque, Lost... People need to listen to more Edge of Sanity. Go and listen to Crimson!

402 My Last Words - Megadeth

Got to say, that here are a lot of songs, that doesn't belong here. And sure Iron Maiden influenced maybe all here, but they aren't the top players in my eyes. They are my favourite band since I know Metal, just have to say, there are a lot of bands here, which actually kick their butts. I can't know every song here, for sure. But Linking Park? Korn? They even don't have the guys to play the songs from Metallica or Megadeth correctly. And Metallica's Master Of Puppets #1? A great song, no doubt! But not first, there are other Metallica songs that would fit there, but not this one. For me, My Last Words is just amazing it got all, difficult guitar riffs, best solo ever, if you listen closely and be able to follow every note. I personally think Call Of Ktulu should be first, cause this is Mustaine's and mostly I guess Cliff's work, but the solo, even if it was made by Kirk sounds pretty much Mustaineish. But I don't want to vote for it, cause its not clear who really vote everything in ...more

Place 278? What is wrong here? This is more metal than any song can ever get since now...
It should at least belong to TOP 10. But maybe it is a more musician view of the things because you must be musically intelligent to get this. It doesn't mean, that all of you got a bad taste of music. It is just about not getting something others maybe see different. And at least the amount of comment should speak for itself.

Big Song, great musicians. Just everything a song needs to be called a great metal song. Seems like that most aren't into metal here. Most want to get their favourite Song at the top and not the best metal song. It is a shame, that's what I am seeing it like.

He's distanced himself from his best album because of the satanism in Black Friday and others. That's Mustaine for you. Orion is the better instrumental. The production isn't as good as Ride's, but the rifforama in it is staggering.

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403 Foolin' - Def Leppard

A classic metal rock song at least the best song from its band, but in my option the best song ever better tan pour some sugar on me. Foolin is best

This is one of definitely leppard's sexiest song

No way is it the best song from Lep. The entire High &Dry album is vastly superior and only one of those is on this list. Die Hard the Hunter is a great rocker too

404 Heaven Laid In Tears (Angels' Lament) - Draconian

Very beautiful and emotional song. It won't let you indifferent

405 When the Wild Wind Blows - Iron Maiden

This song tells the future of this world. The lyrics are awesome, great rhythm, great vocals from bruce as usual. I cannot explain much about this song cause the songs itself defines everything. Up the Irons

406 Mein Teil - Rammstein
407 Dawn of Victory - Rhapsody
408 Any Means Necessary - Hammerfall
409 Arise - Sepultura

Under a pale gray sky we stall arise...

I prefer Beneath the Remains rifforama, but I do like this album

410 Third Eye - Tool

For me Tool were never better than on Aenima, and while they've made some great songs since then they've basically been putting out slightly different versions of that record since. This is the most interesting track off that album, with some of the best breakdowns they ever did. Plus Bill Hicks is on it. Peace. - alterbridgefan

It's their epic love letter to Bill Hicks. He awoke Tool's third eye - perception. They actually had the balls to take a comedian on tour with them. Tool are fantastic. Case closed.

411 Heavy Metal - Judas Priest
412 Die for Metal - Manowar
413 Let It Go - Def Leppard
414 Regular People - Pantera

Got to go. Would you like to email, or lea it at that?

415 Lethe - Dark Tranquility
416 A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold

This is my all time favourite song by Avenged Sevenfold. Very catchy to sing and rock out to as well. Plus it has an awesome music video.

Splendid, mesmerising and unbelievably underrated. One of the greatest metacore songs ever composed by the finest metal lineup post 2000's. This song is the closest to perfection the great Avenged Sevenfold has produced. - Skymoon22

Ok. I'll give them a listen considering you listened to me.

417 Remember the Urge - Gazette
418 Touch of Evil - Judas Priest

Needs to be a lot higher it's one of the best Judas Priest songs ever

This song is one of priests finest and one of the best of heavy metal too it's got to be in the top 10 at least great riff, solo, vocals, drums and the synthesyzer to tie it all together

419 Blood - In This Moment
420 Tower of Babylon - Dragonrider

Awesome song, a very powerful power Metal song, perfect vocals and the solos are absolutely hypnotizing! - ahmedhiari

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