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461 White Walls - Between the Buried and Me

This song sums up an album that was nearly flawless, and it does so with heavy, brutal and stunning riffs. One of my favorite songs ever and in my opinion the best metal song ever.

One of the best modern metal bands, full stop.

462 Roots Bloody Roots - Sepultura

This song is awesome! No other song makes me wanna bang my head as much as this one does - ryanrimmel

Sepultura needs more awareness in America.

463 Mary Ann's Place - Volbeat

Volbeat is the best metal band, but doesn't get the recognition it deserves

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464 Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker - Dimmu Borgir

Best in the world

465 Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult
466 Rise of the Chaos Wizards - Gloryhammer
467 F***ing Hostile - Pantera V 2 Comments
468 Unleashing the Bloodthirsty - Cannibal Corpse

Easily there best

469 "Jimmy" - Tool

This is one of the greatest Tool songs ever written. It is breathless, haunting, and staggeringly heavy in its finale. They very rarely play this gem but I was fortunate enough to stand there dumbstruck when they pulled it out of their bag of tricks Live one night.

470 Happy Song - Bring Me The Horizon

Ollie Sykes is in a better mindset now, so they celebrated by recording a song so damn heavy that it probably belongs on Sempiternal.

471 Skulls... We Are 138 - Trivium

It's not a Trivium song but a Danzig cover, but Trivium are in my view the modern day Metallica, and this Last Caress/Green Hell style belter is a bonus track on their ecxellent Vengeance Falls album.

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472 Body Hammer - Fear Factory
473 Mennyei Harang - Dalriada

Folk Metal, Power Metal and Ballad combined to unleash its potential!

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474 Love? - Strapping Young Lad

Do yourself a favour and check it out, gotta love them drums. And what a voice...

One of my favourite songs of all time, a masterpiece of modern Metal music. Stunning

475 The Call Of Ktulu - Metallica V 1 Comment
476 Qwerty - Mushroomhead
477 Bleed - Soulfly
478 Heavens Die - Entombed
479 Madhouse - Anthrax
480 Prodigal Son - Iron Maiden
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