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101 Black Label - Lamb of God

Best mosh song ever

The official Wall Of Death anthem. Perfect moshing song by a perfect band.

102 Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

This song has arguably the most recognizable riff of any song in history... - crou8040

I partly agree with zxm - Deep Purple have metal songs but this song is mostly hard rock. However, the riff is 100% metal because it's classically inspired and has a Beethoven vibe. This was confirmed by Ritchie Blackmore himself. Hard rock riffs are mostly blues-based. Yes, I agree the riff is simple and not very fast but it doesn't mean it's not metal. It is metal because it's based on classical. - Metal_Treasure

Even better than this are the songs "Highway Star" and "Burn". Very Underrated band

This song is not a metal song. Its hard rock. I believe Child In Time is metal but is not metal. I played the main riff of this song. And it was simple. And also slow. I don't think metal riffs can be that kind of slow. It's hard rock - zxm

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103 5 Minutes Alone - Pantera

As the title implies, revenge anthem personified, and Anselmo's layered vocals at the end are epic.

Awesome, no way is this on place 132

104 The Unforgiven - Metallica

What is it? This soul touching song in first 50!

105 My Curse - Killswitch Engage V 1 Comment
106 Coming Undone - Korn

I think this song stole the intro of pantera's walk. It sounds exactly like it and was made after walk

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107 Whiplash - Metallica


108 Pull the Plug - Death

Such a shame there is no single song of Death in the top ten. Death is so amazing.

Yes they are, and when Andy le Roche entered the fray, no-one was creating Death like Death.

109 The Sign of the Southern Cross - Black Sabbath
110 Coming Down - Five Finger Death Punch V 1 Comment
111 Satan's Fall - Mercyful Fate
112 Queen of the Reich - Queensr├┐che

I love 'Queen of the Reich', but they wore spandex and make-up when they wrote it, just like Axel and co.

Are you kidding me! This is pure power metal. The Beatles aren't, Deep Purple, and AC/DC aren't even metal. They're either rock or hard rock. Guns n Roses, opinions vary. Queen of the Reich kicks System of a Down out the door!

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113 Andromeda - Dethklok
114 Everytime I Die - Children of Bodom

I love the whole song I can't stop myself listening again and again

Um feelin so sad to see this at #57.. :( this one is amazing! Great melody! Great solos! Great composition! So much better than Chop Suey! It deserves the place of Chop Suey...!

I only have one album. A bit to emo for my liking, though they are definitely metal. I listen to Bloodrunk occasionally.

115 Y'all Want a Single - Korn

It makes you smile and dance? Is it techno from its halcyon days, when those smiley pills were at their best? Count me in.

Lol this song has so cool intro, it makes me smile and dance. really great song, thumbs up for Korn

A metal song that makes you smile and dance? Pass!


116 Electric Eye - Judas Priest

WTF! This is the best Judas Priest song an should be in the top ten

This is one of their best songs and they are one of the best metal bands... Why is this 70th.
YOU people are crazy. Get a good taste in music people!

I never paid much attention to JP as Killers was my first ever cassette. Sentimental value.

117 Salem, Ark - Byzantine
118 Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden

There are many bands higher on the list that have definitely never made a better song than this. This is one of the greatest metal songs in all of time. And come on you Maiden fans, to suggest Fear Of The Dark is a a better track than this is borderline insanity. UP THE IRONS m/

I like this song very much

Absolute genius, expecially since it was on their first album. Shame it's so low

Gotta love the riff and those awesome soloes in the middel of the song.
Live After Death version kicks ass.

119 Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden

I love this song, lyrics, music... Everything about it seems perfect to me. Perfect song within an album perfect by a perfect band. Thank you Irons!

Fantastic song with great guitar and vocals, it is 13 minutes of awesome.

Iron Maiden's best release; raising it 150 places on this list would just about do it.

Should be much higher

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120 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Nothing Else Matters is in fact tremendous. Metallica always roll the dice and gamble, and this profound ballad could easily have been a reputation-destroying financial disaster, but they gambled and got very lucky. They always risk everything - for better or worse. For them, nothing else matters.

This is one of Metallica's best and most well known song. This should be at least be in top ten or something like that.

I guess they never thought they'd open themselves this way, because life is theirs, they live it their way. All these things they don't just say, and nothing else matters. It's actually the best middle-finger up song ever written.

This should be deleted so that Alison Hell can move up. This song is week and the fact that is above any Annihilator song is a grave injustice. Post "Puppets" Metallica is simply an inferior band.

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