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161 Soil's Song - Katatonia

Beast of a depressing nightmare of an album. I prefer 'July' but 'Soils Song' is incredible.

162 Withering Away - Kalmah
163 Suicide Solution - Ozzy Osbourne

The only suicide solution is to either go on SSRI's or listen to Metallica or Megadeth. Choose the latter.

164 Riff Raff - AC/DC
165 Purify - Neurosis
166 Where the Sky Ends - Sylosis
167 Faint - Linkin Park
168 Dig - Mudvayne

Sad to see this so low on here. This came out when metal was getting off the ground. Lots of talent in the band to boot

Amazing Songwriting, perfect for headbanging. annoyed though that AC/DC r on the list, they're good but its rock. - mcface

The great song! Much better than all songs of Korn and Slipknot.. Just Perfect
This song deserving to be in top 20 best metal songs! !

It's heavy and makes me want to Headbang, which I have already - MetalHead2001

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169 Papercut - Linkin Park

it is so good. nothing really beats it. the lyrics are amazing if you analyze them well. "the sun goes down I feel the light betray me" is such a great part. mike shinoda rapping about paranoia and how we all have a face inside of us (i.e. conscience, inhibitions, fears). the drums are very good and in time too. I am a drummer and love rob bourdon on this song. the guitar and the loop joe hahn uses and all the turntable sounds just make this song perfect. I have listened to this song the most out of all 2000 songs in my iTunes library. Even the title has such a deep meaning. they never say papercut in the song but it is referring to that little ounce of pain you get with a papercut and how it seethes beneath your skin, holding you back from things you want to do. sorry for the long winded opinion but that is how much I love this song. I wish I would have made it.

Very Very Sad... Indeed sad... What the hell you are voting for?... Man Linkin Park rocks man... Is it enough or I have to tell some more!

I dunno whether its metal or not but its a very good song

Definitely the best in my opinion

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170 Waking the Demon - Bullet for My Valentine

a nice song from a talented thrash metal band.

2 of these guys are stupid. This is not thrash. Ass

Of course they're thrash, and this song, along with a number of others on the album, are classy thrash songs.

If you regard Trivium as thrash then why would you not regard Bullet For My Valentine's paciest album as thrash? Ok, they're a polka band that play only at weddings.

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171 Future Breed Machine - Meshuggah
172 Infected - Antim Grahan
173 Guardians of Asgaard - Amon Amarth

Any Death/Heavy metal fan knows of Amon Amarth, while it may not be the best Metal song, it's one of the best Death Metal songs.

Yeah, I hadn't heard of them. I'm in Oz.

174 Dystopia - Megadeth
175 Gutter Ballet - Savatage
176 Bonded by Blood - Exodus

This is a thrash masterpiece, Started it all of for Exodus

That cover isn't bonded by blood here. That is let there be blood with hammet's hell,s breath. Bailof was the original vocalist, but passed on. Is that the one you have?

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177 The Pride - Five Finger Death Punch
178 Last Resort - Papa Roach

Oh, come on! Bereft of Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, My Dying Bride and Opeth (The Moor #1), Papa Roach has no place here.

179 Highway Star - Deep Purple

This is one of Deep Purples greatest songs, Listen to its guitar solo, its sweet

One of the first metal songs. And speed metal was born. - Metal_Treasure

180 Damned for All Time - Corrosion of Conformity

I'll vote for this white noise with a bullet. CoC going toe-to-toe with Hetfield and co.

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