Top 10 Metal Subgenres that are Closest to Classical Music

On the whole, metal music in heavily influenced by classical music but some subgenres are even closer to classical than average.

The Top Ten

1 Neoclassical Metal Neoclassical Metal
2 Symphonic Death Metal

Examples (songs):
Septicflesh - Dante's Inferno
Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation - Metal_Treasure

3 Progressive Metal Progressive Metal

The term Progressive Metal may refer to 2 things and this item is on here because of the first one:
1) it may refer to standard prog metal that isn't extreme (it's with clean vox only, ex. Dream Theater)
2) it may refer to all subgenres of Progressive Metal, both extreme and non-extreme (i.e., used as an umbrella term). - Metal_Treasure

4 Symphonic Metal Symphonic Metal

Blind Guardian, Epica, Nightwish - Metal_Treasure

Blind Guardian's albums of 2010 and 2015 are mostly symphonic metal and they made this genre correctly, which I can't say about many other symphonic metal bands. What subgenre do you think is Wheel Of Time? Or Sacred Worlds? Or The Ninth Wave? The Throne? Grand Parade?... - Metal_Treasure

5 Symphonic Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
6 Progressive Power Metal

Examples: Theocracy, some Blind Guardian songs - Metal_Treasure

7 Progressive Death Metal

Best example: Opeth - Metal_Treasure

8 Instrumental Progressive Metal

Bands - Blotted Science, Abnormal Thought Patterns - Metal_Treasure

9 Extreme Progressive Metal
10 Technical and Progressive Thrash Metal

Bands - Coroner, DBC, Annihilator, Vektor - Metal_Treasure

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