Top Ten Metal Vocalists of Bangladesh

Bangladesh really got some power-vocalized metal vocalists who are the main attraction of the audiences standing in front if them. They really sing good metal songs and some of them are even good at soft rock songs. Below is a ranking of the metal vocalists who are indeed great in metal songs.

The Top Ten

1 George Lincoln D Costa - Artcell

Probably not the best metal voice I've heard - but still I'm gonna vote him for some amazing creations of his

He is the best...

He Is The Best Progressive Metal Vocalist m/ - Tamzid

Joy guru

2 Mizan - Warfaze

I was really lucky that I got to see him on stage. Absolutely mind-blowing. - Undistinguished

Mizan as a vocalist is all time best.

He is The most powerful vocal at live but I don't think he is a metal vocalist - Tamzid

He is the best.

3 Jamshed Chowdhury - Powersurge

Lol...even a 12 year old teen can growl sing in songs even way better than Jamshed. Just ask jamshed to sing Na by warfaze then we'll see if this guy can actually sing or not...? - Hotshot_sy

4 Shakib Chowdhury - Cryptic Fate

His Voice Is Soft But His Singing In Voboghure Is Awesome - Tamzid

5 Raef Al Hasan - Rafa

He's singing style will touch your heart

No one is like Rafa vai.. He is the only one who can play drums & sing at the same time. Love you Rafa Vai

Not a metal singer - zxm

Ah, What more to say about Rafa?
Legend m/

6 Sumon - Aurthohin Saidus Salehin Khaled (Sumon), is a bass player, singer, songwriter, composer, music producer from Bangladesh and the vocalist and bassist for the rock band Aurthohin. He is known as "Bassbaba" (Father of Bass) among his fans and audiences for his bass guitar playing.

By the way, I know why is he here. You have probably heard some of the growling of his vocals (or powerful vocals). Like Guti (from hell). But it wasn't his vocals. I mean the that backing vocals. I don't know what did he do in Nikkrishto 2. That screaming. But I strongly doubt that it was his vocals. - zxm

Sub-continent's best bassist ever + Probably the most brilliant metal voice I've ever heard - It's Bassbaba!

He is not a metal vocalist. He's barely a hard rock vocalist - zxm

Just love the depth of hia voice - God-gifted Atom bomb!

7 Sunjoy - Warfaze

He is a hard rock vocalist mainly, but sometimes his singing reminds me of Ian Gillan. The way he screams, sings in high-pitched etc. That's why I think he is little bit of a metal singer - zxm

Best in BD

8 Aftabuzzaman Tridib - Mechanix

One of the best Heavy Metal Vocalist! Just Listen Dhrubosshor, then Bissmoy! Then you will get it. Perfect Combination of Melody and Power.

He is best metaalic vocalist in bd.

9 Ishtiak Tanvir Ishmi - MiNERVA

Best Thrash Metal Vocal in Bangladesh! wanna know him? Just Listen "Tribute To BD bands"! how gently he covered those bands Tracks with his unique vocal. m/

10 Jon Kabir - Indalo

Not metal, alternative rock - zxm

Lol what? Jon kabir isn't a metal vocalist - Tamzid

I had never seen vocalist like his.he is one most powerful vocalist in bd.

The Contenders

11 Hisham - Ionic Bond


12 Sufi Maverick

Is he lead vocalist of Arbovirus. Well if he is, then Arbovirus isn't a metal band. Even if they have some metal songs (I know only one). Still his vocals isn't metal vocals. - zxm

13 Shahriar Shabbir - Metal Maze

He's the lead vocalist of Metal Maze. Not very famous but this guy has powerful vocals. - zxm

14 Shuddho Fuad Sadi - Vibe
15 Ankur Rahman - EF
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