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1 Der Dunkle Parabelritter Der Dunkle Parabelritter

He is the best person on youtube.

Great, informative and funny content! He's very entertaining and varied.

Always informing about Metal and he's very entertaining

He is the best German metal you tuber

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2 Jared Dines Jared Dines Jared Dines (Born October 6th 1992) is an American musician from Washington, who is best known for his success and works on YouTube based on the Heavy Metal genre. He is also the vocalist for the band Dissimulator and the drummer for Rest, Repose and has a strong following of 1 million subscribers as more.

He does hilarious yet awesome videos. He takes classic riffs and plays them in different metal styles, he does vocal parodies, and much more. He is also the vocalist of a Deathcore band called Dissimulator - ryanrimmel

He's my favorite. I only wish he was more accurate when presenting or demonstarting metal and punk subgenres. For example, his video 10 Styles of Metal included more punk/core than metal vocal styles. - Metal_Treasure

The dude plays bass, guitar, drums, and does vocals. Plus he has probably more variety in his channel then any other metal youtuber.

He is without a doubt one of the funniest, brightest, most interesting Youtubers I have come across.

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3 Coverkillernation

He puts out awesome reviews, he knows lots of great obscure bands, and he isn't a closed minded elitist. - ryanrimmel

Definitely. He has some great reviews, and his rants are hilarious! - IronSabbathPriest

Excellent reviewer. - Caleb9000

Amazing reviews!

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4 SteveTerreberry SteveTerreberry

He is criticized often for his sense of humor, but he is extremely talented, and does frequent parodies of djent, black metal, and deathcore. - ryanrimmel

He really knows what he's talking about

He's really funny

funny -ish

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5 Infidelamsterdam

A must for every fan of death metal.

He is THE Metal Youtuber.

Look at his channel... enough said.

6 Killbot&gorgorAttack

Kill bot is a very knowledgeable and funny content creator who deserves a better score. Especially considering dines is second, how is dines second?

This guy deserves way more subscribers, he's so funny and entertaining!

Amazing youtuber should be checked out

Tony(Killbot) is my favorite metal youtuber. A real metalhead who loves to talk about the meTal(with the hard ''T").

7 CountBlagorath

He hates Burzum, I am not too judgmental, but I don't think I like this guy too much after watching his bands I can't stand video

He likes black metal. Which is what makes him unique kind of. - IronSabbathPriest

He has passion for what he does.

8 Heavy Metal Entertainment (HME)

These guys are like cancer, but cancer on someone you hate. Seriously funny Heavy Metal channel.

Best u tubers, just starting out and already have some great videos and are funny and active daily on their discord.

Weekend sketches and midweek metal! Holy yeah! The best metal YouTube channel!

I would love to sit on Big Dan's beard.

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9 Fulton's Reviews
10 Luke Hammerheart

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? ThuleanPerspective ThuleanPerspective

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11 Drachenlord

Not the best but the most known

He is really one of a kind!

Simply the best-informed

He is such a humble and kind person, he's always informed and stays neutral in a way you just have to have him as a role model!
Drache is number 1!

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12 Rob Scallon Rob Scallon

Robbie! Give this guy anything with a string, next day you'll see him made metal from it! If someone else apart from jimmy page to be called " lord of the strings ", it's him.

Rob is extremely talented and also seems like one of the most personable YouTubers out there.

13 runnerjma

This dude is always informing me of stuff I've never heard of

14 Become The Knight Become The Knight

Very educated musician.
Very Funny
Summery of him?
Loves prog too much - InsanityJoe

15 Blackmetal Werewolf

He is my favorite makes a loot of cool videos

My favorite very open minded

He is cool and share a lot of cool bands. deserves more subscribers

16 Andrea Boma Boccarusso Andrea Boma Boccarusso
17 Goniloc Goniloc

My favorite youtuber right now, very funny.
Introduced me to a lot of bands, a lot of doom metal bands. - InsanityJoe

18 Jhofffilms Jhofffilms

They make funny metal sketches and not just metal, also they humor is so clever and they always make cool references.

If you want metal and incredibly funny entertainment this is the channel to watch!

I'm pretty sure slayer is the best slayer band out there

Watch Vulgar Display of Science LOL

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19 Charlie Parra del Riego

He's a better guitarist than Jared Danes and SteveT. He isn't very funny but his demonstrations are very accurate and therefore, useful.
Examples - Punk vs Metal, Punk VS Metal 2 - Metal_Treasure

20 Christian McGuire
21 Leo Moracchioli

Best metal covers on youtube...

His covers are awesome - Jonerman

The guy has been showing in the YouTube homepage since the first time I've watched him play.. Definitely a strong contender, m8. Love what he did to Wannabe, Barbie Girl and Song 2

22 Whiattxhim

Spell my name right at least numb nuts!

23 Ola Englund
24 MetalJesusRocks

Retrogamer from Seattle

25 Pellekoffical
26 Alphaomegasin

Angry Rants like you love em

27 Hungry Lights

Best German Fanzine with a lot of interviews on YouTube, concert reviews, best concert photography and nice record reviews. Support them also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

29 Ryan "Fluff" Bruce
30 adunbee

She makes great covers of metal songs!

31 DesertCoyote22
32 66samus

One of the best drummers on youtube

33 Josh Steffen
34 Andriy Vasylenko Andriy Vasylenko
35 Andrew Baena
36 OrkhaftOnAir
37 DarkSiffler
38 331Erock
39 Rocked Reviews
40 Vegan Black Metal Chef
41 Zappy Zero
42 Cream of music
43 King Pavel

Sexiest man on the internet, I get rock hard watching his content

Bow down before the one and only King pavel, peasants!



44 Terry Vlogs

Freedom of speech bitch

45 Keith Merrow
46 The Rageaholic The Rageaholic

His metal mythos videos are great, he talks about bands histories, albums etc

47 The Abyssal Archivist
48 Krachmucker TV

Weekly videos about metal

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