Top Ten Best Metal Albums of 2024

This list is dedicated to the best metal albums of 2024. Vote for the best one.
The Top Ten
1 Ihsahn - Ihsahn

A masterful fusion of symphonic black metal, progressive metal, and jazz. Ihsahn does not disappoint, and this masterwork is probably the best record to come out of the scene so far in 2024.

2 Lingua Ignota: Part I - Persefone

Another impressive musical proof for these masterful writers. Refined prog death metal, reminiscent of Gojira.

3 Fire Blades From The Tomb - Ponte del Diavolo

An original mix between '80s darkwave and doom/black metal, this Italian newcomer is not only one of the most promising to ever come out of this subgenre but also incredibly refreshing.

4 Death: An Anthology - Enterprise Earth

An impressive trip through extreme metal in all of its shapes, enriched by astonishing technical musicianship and creative and diverse songwriting.

5 Charcoal Grace - Caligula's Horse

A great progressive metal album by one of the most underrated acts on the scene. Truly recommended to every prog fan out there.

6 TIME - Infected Rain

Infected Rain kept experimenting on this album, adding elements of electronica and even melodic death metal.

7 Fall - Borknagar
8 Hollywood Suicide - Ghostkid
9 Unextinct - Hideous Divinity
10 Suffer & Become - Vitriol

Psychotic and super-fast technical death metal, but also tasty and somewhat innovative in some compositional schemes. One of the few bands in technical death metal trying to reinvent itself in a refreshing way.

The Contenders
11 Swords of Dajjal - Necrowretch

Recommended to lovers of old-school black metal, this album may not be innovative or refreshing by any means, but its brutality and evil-sounding riffs offer a memorable listening experience.

12 Project Regeneration Volume 2 - Static-X

Supposed to be the final chapter of Static-X's discography, this record is made from Wayne's latest vocal recordings.

13 Ryujin - RYUJIN

Fun folk metal album blending melodic death metal and traditional Japanese war chants.

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