Top 10 Best Metal Songs of 2022

After the amazing year metal had in 2021, we're curious to know what this year will be like in terms of heavy music. Vote for the best metal songs of 2022
The Top Ten
1 Dimorphous Display - Loathe Dimorphous Display - Loathe Cover Art

There are no words to describe how good this song is. The 90s feel, the modern super-low tones, the atmosphere. Loathe is one of those genre-defining acts, leading to the future of metal mixing its past with its present sound.

2 Two Towers - Fit for an Autopsy Two Towers - Fit for an Autopsy Cover Art

This is the closest a band has ever got to Gojira. The brilliant intro, the heavy riff, the powerful vocals and the ending solo make this song one of the greatest metal tracks of this year so far.

3 These Walls - Infected Rain These Walls - Infected Rain Cover Art

With the release of their new amazing album, 2022 couldn't start in a better way. This one in particular is the most intense track on the album. The atmosphere is great and Lena's screams in the chorus are insanely emotional and powerful.

4 Paranormalium - Voivod Paranormalium - Voivod Cover Art

This legendary band started 2022 with this single; a chaotic and experimental song which features a strong progressive metal influence (most of the vocals reminded me of Between the Buried and Me).

I haven't heard this one, I might eventually give it a listen as a I'm a pretty big voivod fan.

5 Artificial Suicide - Bad Omens Artificial Suicide - Bad Omens Cover Art

After their previous (and softer) singles, this song shows how heavy these guys can get. Total banger

6 Forgotten - Korn Forgotten - Korn Cover Art
7 Grains - Konvent Grains - Konvent Cover Art

This song features a really good black/doom metal sound. That riff and the overall atmosphere are amazing

8 This is It - Nekrogoblikon This is It - Nekrogoblikon Cover Art

The craziest melodic death metal band released one of the best tracks of the year so far. The riff, the chorus and the intro melody are sick.

9 Dream Cull - Abbath Dream Cull - Abbath Cover Art

It seems like black metal is gonna be huge in 2022, with many songs being released so far. However, this is among the best ones. The riff and the vocals provide a wonderful atmosphere

10 Feel Again - Splitmind Feel Again - Splitmind Cover Art

This underrated metalcore/alternative metal band might have just made their best track ever. The guitar work is much more solid here than in their previous work, and the overall sound can be considered a huge improvement of their music. The riffs, especially the opening ones, together with the screaming vocals of alena yakshina, who keeps getting better, make this song a gem in the production of this band.

The Contenders
11 Divide & Conquer - Michael Romeo Divide & Conquer - Michael Romeo Cover Art

Symphony X's Michael Romeo created a quite good song with this one. The riffs are really good and this track is a great one to start the progressive metal production of this year.

12 Let the Devil In - Dark Funeral Let the Devil In - Dark Funeral Cover Art
13 The Age of No Light - Immolation The Age of No Light - Immolation Cover Art
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