Top Ten Best Metal Songs of 2023

Here We Go Again! 2023 seems to be another promising year for metal, as its shape continues to change and evolve towards unknown horizons. Vote for the best metal songs of 2023.
The Top Ten
1 Parabiosis - The Ocean
2 Unconformities - The Ocean
3 We Love You - Avenged Sevenfold
4 Forest Dweller - Enslaved
5 Taurus - Haken
6 Stentorian - Mobius
7 Et smelter - Dødheimsgard
8 The Holy Dark - Cloak
9 Herbstleiche - Eisregen
10 Death Magick - Enterprise Earth

Once again, Enterprise Earth started the new year with a release. This song is reminiscent of old school death metal, dark and brutal like this band has never been so far. The composition reminds of the latest album, but at the same time shows another step forward for the band, through the shape of an extremely powerful Extreme metal anthem.

The Newcomers

? Impermanence - Katatonia
? Foregone, Pt. 1 - In Flames
The Contenders
11 The Summoning - Sleep Token

Slightly heavier than their previous releases, this song shows a wide range of influences from metal and non-metal genres, making it once again original and difficult to analyze: a beautifully crafted ethereal experience.

12 Rending of Dyadic Convolution - Velnias

Blackened folk metal epic with an incredible atmosphere, this track has a slow doom-ish pace and reminds of early Ulver. The guitar work is incredibly creative, with plenty of amazing riffs and variations.

13 Not in Our Name - Beyond the Black
14 Trojans - For I Am King

Symphonic influenced melodic death metal song, with an epic tone and great composition. Thrashy riffs and almost black-ish harsh vocals are the highlights of this song.

15 Birds - Katatonia

Another melancholic track for these gothic metal legends. Keyboard sections are really well written in this track, and the rest of the composition completes the whole track in a way that makes It sound haunting.

16 My Will to Live - Obituary

This song is entirely built on the main riff, ominous and decaying, putting the listener in a sort of dark hypnotic trance. Its atmosphere is what makes it great.

17 Ghost in a Memory - Face of Our Time

This song displays a consistent melodic metalcore sound, basing its strength on heavy riffs, atmospheric sections and switching between harsh vocals and intense cleans.

18 Moth to a Flame - Delain
19 Earthen - Ov Sulfur
20 Opaline - Katatonia
21 Storm the Void - Necrovation

Dark and black-ish track from this underground death metal band. It's also the first thing they released in 11 years.

22 Screaming Suicide - Metallica
23 This Is - Deathstars
24 Isråk - Tulus

Quite good black metal song reminiscent of Dark Funeral. Despite not being innovative, this song has a various and well written structure that makes it a valid one.

25 The Opposer - Unfelled
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