Top Ten Best Metal Songs of 2024

This list contains metal tracks released since the beginning of 2024. Vote for the best ones.
The Top Ten
1 The Stormchaser - Caligula's Horse

Caligula's Horse conquered 2024 so far. This song is haunting, evocative, and features an unforgettable chorus. In my humble opinion, the best track of the year so far.

2 The Equable - Persefone

Majestic progressive death metal song. Persefone is stronger than ever after Metanoia. Heavy and firm riffs, hypnotic ambience, and ferocious growls make this track one of the most memorable of the year so far.

3 Blood and Teeth - Enterprise Earth

No band has undertaken such an artistic growth as Enterprise Earth did. This song, in particular, is a fine blending between deathcore, metalcore, modern progressive metal, and even pop.

4 Miasma - Northlane

Northlane keeps developing their unique mix of electronic dance music and progressive metalcore. This track shows the heavier side of their music, striking for its chorus and the wonderful interaction between Marcus' harsh screams and Winston's low growls.

5 Moon - Borknagar

Haunting progressive metal song. ICS Vortex's voice captures the listener's attention to lead it through a world breathing Norse folklore. Really good track.

6 Cure - Erra

Riff-centered djent song, perfectly in line with the band's most recent works.

7 Thornwyck Hymn - My Dying Bride

Good doom metal song, succeeds in setting an evoking atmosphere.

8 Continuum - Imminence

One of the heaviest songs ever released by the band, strengthened by a powerful rhythmic section and violin-centered volume breaks.

9 Limitless - Any Given Day
10 Apocalypse - Any Given Day
The Contenders
11 Hell, Fire and Damnation - Saxon
12 Witches of Salem - Saxon
13 Paradigm Trigger - Like Moths to Flames

Super-heavy metalcore track, straightforward and featuring punching guitar riffs.

14 Planet Doom - Combichrist

On the boundary between aggrotech and industrial metal, this track is not the best ever released by Combichrist, but it is still quite good.

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