Top 10 Reasons Why Black Metal is a Terrible Music Genre

Black Metal is a awful music genre. Here's ten reasons why it's a terrible genre. If you like Black Metal that's fine just don't start fights.
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1 No variety

Sorry but this is extremely wrong.

You have bands like Agalloch and early-Ulver that blend black metal with neo-folk. Burzum made the first ever black-ambient record with Filosofem. Bands like Darkthrone and Satyricon mixed black metal with a more traditional/speed metal style with their later albums. You got bands like Leviathan who mix black metal with doom metal, or Deafheaven who do it in a sort of post-metal way.

People think black metal is just a dumb primitive genre, but in reality it's one of the most experimental genres out there.

While people can quote the leading bands with original sound, there are lots and lots of bands that do nothing else but copy one band or the other, both aesthetically and musically, not striving at all to bring something new but to re-record their gorgoroth or dark funeral favorite albums

Once you get to know it the songs start to sound different. For example I used to think all Green Day sounds the same

I don't like it too but don't disrespect other genres.

2 The vocals are atrocious

This is a pretty subjective item with no reasoning supporting the argument, the creator is only trying to project opinionated items as facts with very little exploration or understanding of the genre, however, I wouldn't hesitate to accept that black metal vocals aren't easy to appreciate on the first listen especially if the one's transitioning into raw black metal from other mainstream genres is abrupt, thereby failing to understand the purpose of the genre like how it's supposed to sound inaccesible and revolting because clean vocals would never complement the grim, atmospheric, and dark nature of the music, I'm assuming this list is directed against 2nd wave old school black metal bands like Darkthrone, Beherit etc. but there's so much more to black metal, dismissing the genre is missing out on endless variety of bands.

Tip: Before trying out new genres research a bit about it because it'll help condition your brain to keep the expectations at reasonable level and prevent ...more

This I can somewhat agree with. The vocals can be absolutely terrible in some songs. Transilvanian Hunger, Chainsaw Gutf**k, and I Am The Black Wizards contain some of the worst vocals in metal music.

I don't agree with no variety, but I agree with everything else, Black Metal sucks!

Just as bad as Death Metal vocals.

3 All the lyrics are about the same thing

Black metal was not created to be devoured by the masses.
If you think the lyrics are all about the same thing then it only implies your lack of exposure to the genre and hence your opinion is influenced by nothing but stereotypes. Anyway, lyrics are almost non-essential in extreme metal and black metal isn't something to sing along or shake your hips to, it's an acquired taste that involves continual mind investment and listener gets rewarded in the long run, at least most fans I know of have felt the same way. You've all the right in the world to express your disinterest but calling the entire genre terrible without first hand experience is no different to owning a judgemental mentality. For the record, Immortal, Panopticon, Mgla etc don't sing about or glorify what you think all black metal bands do, likewise there are countless bands and listing down all of them will be a poor utilization of my time. Cheers!

If you are thinking that black metal lyrics are all about praising Satan then you are wrong. The lyrics have a lot of variety, actually. There's songs about mythology, Vikings, nature etc. Not all of it is "GAHHH I LOVE SATAN "

Even Ronnie James Dio didn't like black metal. His lyrics were dark and deep. But he said, "I wouldn't go that extreme".

No. It's clear you've only heard of Burzum and Mayhem and made conclusions based on what you haven't heard.

4 The instrumentation is terrible

Not really but I could make sense of the argument by imagining myself sharing same vantage point as someone who has never listened to black metal nor has made any conscious effort to do so. Every sub genre has something different to offer, if you hop from one genre to the other without adjusting your mentality then disappointment is inevitable.

Black metal is known for the fastest metal genre. But ironically, most of the times black metal guitarists aren't on fastest guitarists. I won't say they are talentless or don't give any effort into black metal. But in the end, its just only rhythm guitar.

Disagree. Bathory, Dissection, and early Mayhem (with Euronymous) had some great instrumentation. The guitar work and drums are probably the best thing about black metal.

I have to disagree. Instrumentals are good

5 It created the infamous "Metal is Satanic" stereotype

Untrue. That stereotype has been around since before Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast album. Before black metal.

It was not meant to be satanic when it was created...

It's not all satanic (I think) I have heard Immortal isn't satanic oh wait now I see what you mean (I misread the "It created the infamous...")

One hell of a accomplishment.

6 None of the bands stand out

Heavy Metal bands might sound similar to each other but at least they stand out from each other.

7 The growling is even worse than Death Metal growling

Death metal growls are much worse than black metal shrieks (is that what they're called). At least they're more understandable.

I've already heard how bad bands like Cannibal Corpse can get but DAMN is the growling terrible.

8 The themes are awful

Almost as bad as Death Metal themes.

9 It's not creative

I've heard more creativity from hair metal bands and that's SAYING something...

Read my comment on no variety.

10 There's no effort in the genre

No variation no creativity at all can be found in this genre.

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