Top 10 Reasons Why the Opinions of Metalheads Should Be Respected

I made this list because this site seems to have a load of metal hatred towards users who like metal as the founder and leader of the Metal World Order i wanted to make this list to stand up for those metalheads who have been attacked for their opinions on music and been called an elitist when they aren't.
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1 Most Metalheads Respect the Opinions of Others

As a Metalhead I respect anyone's opinion as long as they have reasoning as to why they dislike something I like but it seems most metalhead users on this site get called an elitist just because they listen to metal just because everyone likes to assume that all metal fans are elitists when they aren't at all. But the reason it looks like metalheads don't is because they hate artists that a lot of people like but most of them hate them for legitimate reasons.

This is what most metal fans do but there are a lot of metalheads who don't.Also I am talking about normal metal fans and even though I an an EDM and Rap fan I like some metal genres like Nu Metal or Thrash Metal or even Power Metal.-TheCoolGuy1

Some metalhead duo but the majority of them don't.

2 Most Metalheads are Nice People

This is true as most metalheads that I have met are nice people who respect others opinions but it seems loads of metalheads get called bad people because of what mainstream media lies about saying how all metal is is satanic propaganda and anyone who listens to it is a devil worshiper which is just a stupid lie made by the media to try and say how great pop music is for everyone and how metal is evil which in reality its not true at all most metalheads are nice people however don't get me wrong there are bad metalheads but that also goes for any genre of music for the good fans there's going to be a few bad apples in the bunch.

Even though majority of metalhead don't click with me, a lot of metalhead I've met can be nice.

If only more people looked at this list

This is so true

3 Metalheads Defend Metal Because It's Constantly Being Called Things that Aren't True

Some examples would be that all metal is satanic and that it encourages bad behavior which is not true as not all metal is like that but pretty much any genre of music encourages bad behavior but metal always get blamed for it because in the eyes of the mainstream metal is an enemy to them as metal is the alternative to Pop, Rap and other popular genres of music. We always defend metal because it gets called things that are untrue. Another example would be Metal is Talentless which is defuinatly not true at all as metal is actually the most talented of all music genres as you have to have the abilty to play instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Drums, and sometimes other instruments but you also have to know how to have great vocals and know how to write good songs.

Pop and Rap Fans should also be respected too, I respect metalhead's opinions but pop and rap fan opinion should also be respected and not bashed as well.

Ok, I hated Metal before! But now is one of the best for me thanks to bands like Black Sabbath,Metallica...

BS things like “Metal is satanic” or “Metal encourages bad behavior because it’s about violent things” is what gets metalheads mad

4 Metalheads Always Have to Defend Themselves Against Many Other People Who Hate Metal

Metalheads always have to defend themsleves from Pop Music Fans, Rap Music Fans and the Media because they always get called Bad People when they aren't at all.

5 Some Metalheads Defend Some Music Artists from Other Genres of Music

For example I defend pop artists like Lady Gaga, Adele, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston because I like them I also defend Rap Artists like N.W.A and the members solo careers. Eminem, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G, Geto Boys because I like them as well so don't think all metalheads do is defend metal artists because we also defend other artists as well the reason we defend metal artists is because they get called things that are untrue like for example "All Metal Bands are Talentless and Bad" When that isn't true at all as most people who say that probally haven't heard a single metal song in their life you see what we metalheads have to go through we should at least get some respect for defending something we like..

Yeah and it's usually Jackie Evancho, Eminem or some old pop. Maybe you're not familiar with most rap and pop but that's ok.

I defend some Pop and Rap artists.

6 Metalheads Have Respect for the Music that Bands Create

We respect many artists/bands work as they put loads of talent into the music they make plus we also point out if an artist has made an album that wasn't as good as their other works and we state our opinion if we don't like something but regardless we do have much respect for the band we like

7 Not All Metalheads Hate Other Genres of Music

I like Rock Alternative and some Pop (only certain bands, like Panic! At The Disco or My Chemical Romance; I don’t like Nikki Minaj or Katy Perry)

I like metal, of course, but I also enjoy rock, jazz, classical, movie music, video game soundtracks, anime soundtracks, folk music, etc.

I'm a metalhead, but I like other forms of rock too. I also enjoy country and some pop (depending on the artist) once in a while too.

For example I also like Rock Classical Blues some Pop some Rap but the point is that not all metalheads hate genres other than metal so quit thinking that all metalheads are like this because that's being stereotypical

8 Most Metalheads are Mature People

Metal...aich...I know there are mature people from the metalhead fanbase but the majority from what I've seen are really immature and disrespect opinions a lot. But hey, I said there are exceptions.

Don't go on Metal Amino or Black Metal Amino. There you'll find many immature Metalfans. Some of them are even leaders or curators there.

They actually are pretty mature people but lots of people think that metal has the most immature fanbase when they actually are pretty mature and besides pretty much every genre of music has immature fans in fact Pop and Rap fans (at least from I have seen) are more immature than Metal fans are so yeah quit thinking all metal heads are immature because not all of them aren't

9 Metalheads Don't Just Listen to Metal

Metal's good but it's NOT only the thing I like to listen to, occasionally I'll be in the mood for pop, rap, experimental (depends on the artist), Punk, blues, folk, soul, funk or even electronic music. Ultimately it depends on my mood.

There is always something I like in a genre.

Same goes for metal musicians.

We also listen to Classical, Rock, Blues, Some Pop, And Some Rap but we like metal the most so that's why we listen to it its common sense

10 Metalheads Aren't Afraid to Share Their Opinion

Both musically and politically, either.

We aren't afraid to share our opinion because we like metal and that's what we do we share opinions but yet some people say that we shouldn't when they can share their opinions which is just wrong as anyone has the right to state their opinion

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11 Metalheads Like to Read and Think

I like reading, but it depends on the genre of the book. I like science fiction, don’t like non-fiction. I also like drawing, which can sometimes have some thinking to it

I haven't met so far a metalhead that doesn't like to read. By reading I mean good stuff like philosophy, history, politics, art, etc. This is one of the reasons they are open-minded and you can discuss a variety of topics.

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