Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Heavy Metal

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1 Studies show metal can calm people down

Well, it helps fight stress in humans...

Its calming and relaxing..metal makes me feel happy and moves my soul

Yep. I get angry, I just blast some death metal or deathcore. Calms me down INSTANTLY.

2 Intelligent teens are likely to listen to metal

A significant portion of MENSA members listen to metal.

Like I said anybody can listen to metal.

3 People who listen to metal can have higher self esteem

For some strange reason, it actually increased mine. I wonder why. Is it a coincidence?

Anybody can listen to metal though, but it does increase self-esteem.

4 Metal has been around since the 60s

Technically the first album was released in 1970, but the band formed in the 60s.

5 Heavy metal is based on classical music

Yes. I knew this thanks to Metal_Treasure!

6 Cats get stressed from listening to metal

I heard a study shows cats like genres like jazz, blues, and classical music because they are soft. Which is understandable. Cats don't like pop, and metal because they tend to be loud.

7 Metal has been blamed for driving suicide with adolescents

No, the sole reason is the person who committed suicide in the first place. They chose the coward's way out without even considering asking for help when people can help them and whatever personal issues they were dealing with could have been resolved, instead of just leaving them forever unanswered.

Well, if my experience is any good, I think that metal kept their lives going longer than it would have been. I have depression and whilst it was developing, I turned over from pop to metal. It makes me feel much better than when I'm in silence.

It also has been blamed for making people want to murder others.

8 There is a Catholic Priest called Brother Metal
9 Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple were the first heavy metal bands

Led Zeppelin have never played metal. It's a misconception. Some of their songs are heavy blues rock and not heavy metal - there's a big difference. Led Zeppelin themselves refuse to be labeled "metal".
Deep Purple were closest to metal as we know it now (classically inspired rock music).

Led Zeppelin could've been. But they got pushed back from modern metal.

As well as Blue Cheer.

10 There is a heavy metal band named Okilly Dokilly, themed after the Simpsons character Ned Flanders.
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11 It can give you energy to do your homework fast

I tried it before, it worked great!

12 Heavy Metal originated from Birmingham, England

Technically it originated when Toni Iommi lost the tips of his fingers working in a sheet metal factory. He has to make some fake tips and downtune his guitar to make playing easier, and thus, heavy metal's sound was born.

This is a bit misleading - Black Sabbath are from Birmingham but Deep Purple are from Hertford, Hertfordshire.

13 Jada Pinkett Smith is a lead singer of a band called Wicked Wisdom
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