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1 Shadows Are Security - As I Lay Dying

Without a Doubt the definitive Metalcore sound that will stand the test of time. - SummonSkeletons

2 Waking the Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold make great songs as well as great albums but this album is up there on any list for Metalcore albums. One of their best albums yet.

This is a very overrated album its just Meh - christangrant

3 As Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage

A classic Metalcore album with songs such as My Curse, This Fire Burns and Holy diver etc, easily one of the best.

Why the hell still not on the first position?

Probably best modern album of all time

Simply the best

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4 The Fall of Ideals - All That Remains

Talk about the bleeding obvious. All That Remains' masterpiece is immense riff after immense riff, blast best after blast beat, incredible solo after incredible solo, and every song is more memorable than the one before. The most talented band going around. Case closed!

This album was set on repeat and cranked to 11 most of my teenaged years, still only found one other album I loved more than this

Absolutely the band has become rock now

5 Horizons - Parkway Drive

Immediately grabs you this album dose

6 In Waves - Trivium

Although, not originally a Metalcore band, Trivium's In Waves is a great album for any Metalcore fan.

7 Constellations - August Burns Red

MASTERPIECE! "Ghosts" and "Mariana's Trench" are awesome!

The most impressive metalcore cd of all time. Every song stands out, every word hits you right in the chest. From Matt's ridiculous drumming to JB's solos; all the riffs, the song structures and of course Jake's perfect delivery make for an unbelievably hard hitting effort. There will never be a more definitive album to showcase what metalcore "could have been" at its prime. August Burns Red are still showing us how it's supposed to be done in a mostly washed-up genre filled with clich├ęs and dishonest musicians.

8 Jane Doe - Converge

One of the best Metalcore albums out there, Jane Doe is a classic.

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9 An Ocean Between Us - As I Lay Dying

For me it's the best metalcore-album in history. It starts with a 1 minute intro leading perfectly into one of As I Lay Dying's best songs: "Nothing Left" (and it ends in a piano-play). Besides the album contains extremely awesome songs like "The Sound Of Truth", "Forsaken" (aw god that riff! ) or "An Ocean Between Us". And not only these highlights... I think all other songs are very good metalcore-songs, too. Literally like Sum41's Debut-Album-Title: "All Killer No Filler"! Some songs are heavy, some are more beautiful and calmer.
All in all the album is an impressive record with high variety and virtuosity. And in my opinion this is a perfect metalcore-album! - Flav

10 Ascendancy - Trivium

Trivium again. But this album is too good to leave out of any Metalcore list.

Better than In Waves, which for some reason didn't get me like this album did. I love every song on this record. Rain is my favourite track :l - Lem

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11 The Oncoming Storm - Unearth
12 The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage

Why the hell is this in 12th place?

13 Colors - Between the Buried and Me
14 Sempiternal - Bring Me the Horizon

Full of experimentations

15 Zombie Ep - The Devil Wears Prada
16 Alaska - Between the Buried and Me
17 Axe to Fall - Converge
18 Calculating Infinity - The Dillinger Escape Plan
19 Wrath - Lamb of God
20 Lullabies for the Dormant Mind - The Agonist
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1. Shadows Are Security - As I Lay Dying
2. Horizons - Parkway Drive
3. The Oncoming Storm - Unearth
1. Jane Doe - Converge
2. We Are the Romans - Botch
3. Axe to Fall - Converge
1. Jane Doe - Converge
2. Colors - Between the Buried and Me
3. Alaska - Between the Buried and Me

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