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81 Iconoclast (Part I: The Final Resistance) - Heaven Shall Burn
82 IV: Constitution of Treason - God Forbid

This needs to be on the list - SummonSkeletons

83 Hymn of a Broken Man - Times of Grace

Apologies if this is already here, but I have to go. Adam D. And J. Leech two-man this masterpiece of modern Metalcore, and mop the floor with almost every album you can think of. If you own the 'Deluxe', they throw in a bonus rendition of 'Willing' and a dreamscape dvd that contains a the whole album for viewing on your enormous T.V. and monstrous 7.2 system. This album has atmospherics, passion, inspiration, and monstrous riffs and production values. Essential purchase.

84 Elite - Within the Ruins

An immense album of thrash, groove, technical genius, and comes across as the tightest jam-session you'll hear. All their albums are great.

85 Venom - Bullet for My Valentine
86 They Bleed Red - Devil You Know
87 The Beauty of Destruction - Devil You Know
88 Count Your Blessings - Bring Me the Horizon

Although not a particularly great band, Bring Me The Horizon really outdid themselves with this album. A great album.

89 An Ocean Between Us - As I Lay Dying

One of the greatest Metalcore albums from one of the best Metalcore bands. A classic album indeed.

90 The Curse - Atreyu
91 Overcome - All That Remains
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