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81 Get What You Give - The Ghost Inside
82 Count Your Blessings - Bring Me the Horizon

Although not a particularly great band, Bring Me The Horizon really outdid themselves with this album. A great album.

83 Killing With a Smile - Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive are an excellent band. From the vocals to the bass, they make every song an amazing one. This album is particularly their best one yet.

84 An Ocean Between Us - As I Lay Dying

One of the greatest Metalcore albums from one of the best Metalcore bands. A classic album indeed.

85 Iconoclast (Part I: The Final Resistance) - Heaven Shall Burn
86 The Curse - Atreyu
87 IV: Constitution of Treason - God Forbid

This needs to be on the list - SummonSkeletons

88 Hymn of a Broken Man - Times of Grace

Apologies if this is already here, but I have to go. Adam D. And J. Leech two-man this masterpiece of modern Metalcore, and mop the floor with almost every album you can think of. If you own the 'Deluxe', they throw in a bonus rendition of 'Willing' and a dreamscape dvd that contains a the whole album for viewing on your enormous T.V. and monstrous 7.2 system. This album has atmospherics, passion, inspiration, and monstrous riffs and production values. Essential purchase.

89 Elite - Within the Ruins

An immense album of thrash, groove, technical genius, and comes across as the tightest jam-session you'll hear. All their albums are great.

90 They Bleed Red - Devil You Know
91 The Beauty of Destruction - Devil You Know
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