Top Ten Metalheads You'll Meet at School


The Top Ten

1 All in one
2 The Elitist

Like the expert. Just unfriendlier because he thinks he's superior. - Fretto

3 The Loner

He just wants to be alone and might get bullied for his looks. - Fretto

4 The One Who Wants To Get You Into Metal

That's a very good person.
He'll recommend you gateway bands. - Fretto

5 The Music Expert

He knows everything. - Fretto

6 The Musician

With the toy of his sister he released a black metal album and after school he plays with his band in someones garage. - Fretto

7 The Girl

This type of metalhead hasn't been seen a lot.
Mostly she's not so 'girly' and she likes great bands. - Fretto

8 The Anti Stereotype

He looks totally normal at school but when he is at home he blasts some Necrophagist out of his cd player. - Fretto

9 The Teacher

He makes tests in his classes like:

George Fisher is/are a nice person.
(when he teachers for example English)

He wears band shirts but he has to cover them with other clothes so doesn't get in trouble. - Fretto

10 Your Friend

He likes just like you Metal or he (s)likes Metal but you don't.

In both situations he'll be one of your best friends but you see every time how (s)he gets bad looks in public. - Fretto

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