Top 10 Best Metallica Solos Not by Kirk Hammett

Kirk is the best soloist, by far, but sometimes, bass, rhythm guitar and even drums need their time. Not only guitar solos, including bass and drums.

The Top Ten

1 Nothing Else Matters (Metallica/Black Album) - James Hetfield (Guitar Solo)

A very melodic solo, you can see James is not only the best thrash riffer, but one of the best ballad solo writers. - gemcloben

2 For Whom the Bell Tolls Live (Cliff 'em All) - Cliff Burton (Bass Solo)

A very distorted and heavy solo, this is one Kirk or James might not be able to beat. a true shredding piece by the greatest bassist of all time. - gemcloben

3 Orion (Master of Puppets) - Cliff Burton (Bass Solo)

I thought this was a guitar solo when I first heard it. it has everything: emotion, heaviness, speed, feel, unique features and all of these perfectly blended into the ultimate instrumental. - gemcloben

4 Anaesthesia (Pulling Teeth) (Kill 'em All) - Cliff Burton (Bass Solo)

Some may say Cliff' best, but I think there are better ones. James and Lars did a great job getting this on the album, they knew they had to. if only the greatest bassist had more solos... - gemcloben

5 Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets) - James Hetfield (Guitar Solo)

More feeling and emotion than Kirk's solo. - Userguy44

Another solo proving how melodic James can be. - gemcloben

6 Call of Ktulu (Ride the Lightning) - James Hetfield (Guitar Solo)

Since they both play this one together, this one can count. - gemcloben

7 Dyers Eve (... and Justice for All) - Lars Ulrich (Drum Solo)

It has not got a distinctive drum solo like other hard rock/metal songs (hot for teacher, painkiller, etc.), but it has many short solos. this song is one of the best songs without Cliff and the drums are a very big part of this. - gemcloben

8 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live Big Day Out) - Robert Trujillo (Bass Solo)

Not very fitting for Metallica, as this is a major funk solo, but Rob made it work. A very underrated talent. - gemcloben

9 Call of Ktulu (Ride the Lightning) - Cliff Burton (Bass Solo)

There is a very short bass solo by Cliff, and even with James and Kirk, this very quiet solo still stands out. 'Cause it's Cliff. RIP Cliff! - gemcloben

10 Jump In the Fire (Kill 'em All) - Dave Mustaine (Guitar Solo)

It's mind-blowing fast! An underrated solo by Dave Mustaine!

The Contenders

11 Suicide and Redemption (Death Magnetic) - James Hetfield (Guitar Solo)

I'm still mindblown by what James can do at his 40's.

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1. For Whom the Bell Tolls Live (Cliff 'em All) - Cliff Burton (Bass Solo)
2. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica/Black Album) - James Hetfield (Guitar Solo)
3. Orion (Master of Puppets) - Cliff Burton (Bass Solo)


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