Best Metallica Songs from Load and Reload

Since they are both exactly the same, I thought I might as name the best to worst songs from both Load (1996) and Reload (1997)

The Top Ten

1 The Unforgiven II - Reload
2 Fuel - Reload

This, until it sleeps, the memory remains, and unforgiven 2 are the only good songs on these albums

Fuel is so iconic - lilrocketman

3 Bleeding Me - Load

This one was by far my favorite from the Load-Reload albums.

Very Underrated Song!

4 Until It Sleeps - Load

Great song. Should be a little higher.

5 The Outlaw Torn - Load

Best one - awesomedp900

6 King Nothing - Load

I love this song. Structurally, it’s very similar to Enter Sandman. It starts off soft, then builds, goes softer in the prechorus, then goes into an energetic chorus, then has a solo, slows down after the solo but picks up again. The lyrics are gold. Instrumentally, it’s charged and enregetic.

Finally someone that realises that enter sandman is like the same thing as this song but worse - agarthanreaper

7 The Memory Remains - Reload
8 Hero of the Day - Load
9 Where the Wild Things Are - Reload
10 Fixxxer - Reload

The Contenders

11 Low Man's Lyric - Reload
12 Mama Said - Load
13 Devil's Dance - Reload

Ehhh, the heaviness is. Good

14 Ain't My Bitch - Load
15 The House Jack Built - Load
16 Ronnie - Load
17 Thorn Within - Load
18 Prince Charming - Reload
19 Better Than You - Reload
20 Poor Twisted Me - Load
21 Slither - Reload
22 Wasting My Hate - Load
23 Bad Seed - Reload
24 2 x 4 - Load
25 Cure - Load
26 Carpe Diem Baby - Reload

This list is messed up in so many ways. Songs like Cure, Prince Charming, Slither above this? No way. This song is one of the best from Load/ReLoad era. There's a reason why they debuted it live at the Fillmore show.

27 Attitude - Reload

This song is full of energy. Give it another listen

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