Load and Reload Concept Album i Made

christangrant So Metallica has two albums called Load and Reload while they are good albums they were not as good as their previous works but if you were to combine the best songs from both albums into one album you could make a even better album so that's what i am going to do here is make a concept album based on songs from Load and Reload and also will not use every song so don't be surprised if a song you like from these albums isn't here because i felt they didn't fit in into the concept. So with that being said let's get on to it what i'm going to do is make a tracklist of songs and what the song is somewhat meant to be about in the concept.


1. Ain't My B***h

This starts off the story we are introduced to the character named James (yes i did name him after James Hetfield) and this song is meant to show off the abusive relationship between James and his mother and James keeps on getting in trouble and getting grounded so many times that he is in a rage and hates his mother and starts getting more angry which then causes his mother to use drastic measures and start using straight jackets to keep her son restrained.

2. Until it Sleeps

James starts to act normal again and thus his mom stops using a straight jacket to keep him restrained however one day he got a bad grade in school and his mom sent him to his room and thus get's James even more angry and starts thinking about just running away and leave his mom forever so he decides that when his mother goes to sleep he will leave the house for good and never come back because he is tired of dealing with his mother and just wants it to end.

3. Wasting My Hate

This song is meant to be James running away as he leaves the house and says quote "I'm done wasting my hate on you" and then runs far away from his home to a abandoned home where he decides to live for the rest of his life.

4. The House Jack Built

This is when James finds the House that Jack built which Jack was a person who decided to build a house however he was tragically killed in a car accident so his house was left abandoned until James decides to live there.

5. The Memory Remains

This song is James having joy that he his finally away from his mother and that now he lives by himself and that he can live his own life without anyone telling him what to do. and that his mom was just a memory that however would remain for his whole life he would soon find out.

6. Bleeding Me

A few years pass as James is now an adult he thought that running away from his mother was a good idea at the time but however he starts to regret that decision because it was much harder for him to survive because he always had to call one of his friends to bring him food as he didn't have much money and he everytime he hurt himself no-one was there to help him and thus he keep many scars that remind him of how bad his decision was.

7. Fuel

However he then starts to see positives in his decision, James got a job as a Race Car driver which he was very good at however when he changed his name to Frank as he didn't want his mother to find out that he was a race car driver and that he had made his own living doing a sport she didn't like and though was bad for his brain but anyway he then goes on to win the grand race and win Millions of dollars.

8. Devil's Dance

After becoming a millionaire he decides to start a business using his fame as a race car driver to shoot him up and get him even more money which he then becomes sort of a "Devil" as he will do anything to get more money which he would then become set for life that his mother was keeping him from and thus starts making people lives miserable to make his life better.

9. King Nothing

One day however he made one really bad decision which ultimately led to his business going bankrupt and keeping what little money he had and had to retreat back to The house that Jack built and with what little money he had he starts wishing his he never left his mother and that if he had just cooperated with his mother he wouldn't be in the misery that he is in now.

10. Prince Charming

He then starts to try to reconnect with his mother but however he is being ridiculed by the news as being once a Prince Charming but now a Black Cloud over peoples heads that rains on people and takes any possible chance to make one person miserable so he could have his life be rich and then they said that him going bankrupt was the best thong that had ever happened to the area. After hearing about himself on the news he dubbed himself "The Unforgiven"

11. The Unforgiven II

James now continuing to search for his mother however he is also searching for people who he deems "Unforgiven Too"
but his search proved to be a failure for anyone who is also "Unforgiven Too" and thus finds his moms house he opens the door only to find his brother there who then looks at James with utter sorrow and shock that he is surprised to see him return after all these years James asks about their mother and the answer he gets from his brother was that their mother was so sad and felt that she was "Unforgiven" and thus took a lot of drugs which killed her.

12. Mama Said

James now devastated after hearing about the loss of his mother starts to regret all the bad things he did and also regretted everything all the bad things he did after he left his mother and all the people he caused misery to.

13. Hero of the Day

James decides that it would be best for him for him to try and be the "Hero of the Day" and help out all the people he caused misery too, He gives the poor kids all the toys that he used to play with as a kid but however the news media still doesn't believe his change of heart is real and try to "Break Him" and that he is only doing this just so he could regain his business and become a "Devil" again and make everyone's life miserable again however the media were starting to be criticized for their actions as more and more people start to sympathize with James stating that "He was once a Devil but now is a Angel of gold" which then causes the media of that area to go bankrupt and be destroyed. James is now forgiven and he says that he dedicated all his good deeds to his now deceased mother that he left and said that his real name was James to the public and that tells the story of how he left his mother and he said that he regretted every moment of it and thus ends the story of this album as James becomes known as "The Hero of the Day"


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I may buy this album :-) - Metal_Treasure

What about the Outlaw torn and fixxxer? Those are my favorite songs from either album. - visitor

I Wanted to add Outlaw Torn it was one of my favorites from the album but I couldn't find a spot to put it in the concept that would make since to the story. - christangrant

Oh, ok. - visitor

Overall Outlaw Torn is my favorite Metallica song as well - visitor

Sounds awesome. - visitor

Plan on doing another one? - Skullkid755

In the future yes but right now I'm preparing for the 12 days of Reviewmas - christangrant