Best Metallica Songs Performed in Live S*** Seattle 1989

In August 1989 in Seattle Washington, Metallica performed in what we can all consider as one of the greatest concerts ever held. Full of blistering energy, the band was at their peak, performing songs from "Kill em' All to "...And Justice for All" with such ferocity and power one can only dream of just being in the concert.

This list may have a few familiar songs that we know from Metallica, but what matters is how good were they performed in the Seattle. Which Metallica song do you think was the best performed in that day?

The Top Ten

1 Blackened

I love Blackened! - EliHbk

Personally, I think this version of "Blackened" was better than the studio version. It just felt more engaging and aggressive. And at least Jason had some highlight. I also love how James Hetfield ends the song with a "YEAH! " yell :D. - CrimsonShark

2 Creeping Death

I can't think of any song that was performed live better than "Creeping Death". The way the song started was bad ass, but when the crowd starts chanting "Die! ", that's where it really shines and it goes to show how much effort and energy was put into the song. In addition, Jason Newsted also shined, with his "shouts and taking over the last chorus. And of course, the crunchy, shredding riffs and heavy drumming also makes up for it :). - CrimsonShark

3 One

Once again, better than the studio version, for me at least. Its more aggressive, much better sounding and more engaging due to its extended war sound effects at the beginning. I appreciate how the song manages to maintain the melody of the original too and James definitely sounds amazing in it :). - CrimsonShark

4 Master of Puppets
5 Whiplash

Best improvisation ever. Look at the performance to know of it. - CrimsonShark

6 Fade to Black
7 ...And Justice For All - Metallica

It's a trend at this point to let you know I find the "Justice" songs sounding better when played live. I didn't even like the song until I heard it in live. I just find it more hard-hitting and crunchy as well. - CrimsonShark

8 Battery
9 For Whom the Bell Tolls
10 The Four Horsemen

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11 To Live is to Die
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