Top Ten Metallica Songs That Sound Best When Played Live


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1 One

The whole arrangement with the extended sound effects at the beginning and the backing pictures make for a brilliant live song. - Scretty_MUFC

I never thought this was a great song until I heard its live version. It's the best!

2 Seek & Destroy

One of metal's most recognisable riffs and a feel-good song which is always a good way to close the show! The energy in this song is amazing and there are little touches like James adding in the name of wherever they're playing. - Scretty_MUFC

3 Master of Puppets

The signature song. The crowd participation is so good, especially in the interlude. - Scretty_MUFC

The studio version of this song bores me...

4 Harvester of Sorrow

All hell breaks loose when that one riff breaks in

Just so powerful and heavy. Perfect for a live show. - Scretty_MUFC

5 Enter Sandman

Everyone knows this song, and the chorus is perfect for crowd participation when they shout back to the band. Normally follows Nothing Else Matters so an amazing way to get everyone's energy back up and it's ideal to close the main set. - Scretty_MUFC

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6 The Memory Remains

Even better than the studio version, the end gives you chills when the audience sing along. It's like an anthem. - Scretty_MUFC

7 Battery

I can't think of a better way to open or close a show, but particularly open one. Really gets the crowd going and if they play Master straight after it then it's just perfect. - Scretty_MUFC

The first two times I went to see Metallica, they opened the show with Battery, great way to open!

8 Blackened
9 The Frayed Ends of Sanity

They finally played it in full, and it was awesome! - Scretty_MUFC

10 Creeping Death

The whole crowd screaming DIE DIE, can't believe this is so low on the list, should be at or near the top!

Was Metallica's SECOND most played song live (only surpassed by Master of Puppets) so It probably does sound good live.

The Newcomers

? For Whom the Bell Tolls
? St. Anger

Not played often but always amazing when it is. - Scretty_MUFC

The Contenders

11 Sad But True
12 Hit the Lights

A good song to start off the show.

13 Fade to Black

Should be Number 1. One is such an overrated song

14 The Unnamed Feeling
15 Whiskey In the Jar
16 ...And Justice for All
17 Damage, Inc.
18 Dyers Eve
19 Whiplash
20 The Day That Never Comes
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