Most Metallica Sounding Avenged Sevenfold Songs

The songs that sound the most like Metallica by a7x.

The Top Ten Most Metallica Sounding Avenged Sevenfold Songs

This Means War

It really does.

It's a ripoff of Sad But True - christangrant

Hail to the King

I like how most of the songs on this list are from Hail to the King which is bascially A7Xs Rip Off of the Black Album - christangrant

Desecrate Through Reverence

No it doesn't James doesn't scream like that - christangrant

Crimson Day
Shepherd of Fire

In a way it's better than Enter Sandman

Enter Sandman lol, not the riff but the way the song is structured and the tempo - danimey

It sounds like Enter Sandman - christangrant

Doing Time
Bat Country
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