Most Metallica Sounding Avenged Sevenfold Songs

The songs that sound the most like Metallica by a7x.

The Top Ten

1 This Means War This Means War

It really does.

It's a ripoff of Sad But True - christangrant

2 Hail to the King Hail to the King

I like how most of the songs on this list are from Hail to the King which is bascially A7Xs Rip Off of the Black Album - christangrant

3 Desecrate Through Reverence Desecrate Through Reverence

No it doesn't James doesn't scream like that - christangrant

4 Crimson Day
5 Heretic
6 Planets
7 Shepherd of Fire

In a way it's better than Enter Sandman

Enter Sandman lol, not the riff but the way the song is structured and the tempo - danimey

It sounds like Enter Sandman - christangrant

8 Doing Time
9 Requiem
10 Bat Country
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