Top Ten Best Metroid Items

You can get a lot of items and upgrades in the metroid series. Some are classic, others are original. But, which one is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Screw Attack

Oh come on! What other item could be #1? First, this power-up is OP. Second, it is fun to use. Third, it is quite original, unlike missiles or other stuff like that. Who could think of a flying razor like attack? - Croquedead

The Screw Attack isn't named like this because you spin like a screwdiver, but only because when you have it everyone who stands in your way is screwed.

2 Ice Missiles

This item was cool in Metroid Fusion. But in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it just so much amazing and cool! - Croquedead

3 Plasma Beam

The most satisfactory beam in all the metroid games. It is the most powerful in each game excepted Metroid Prime 2 and 3. How cool is that? - Croquedead

4 Grapple Lasso

This item is just fun to use! It is original because only Metroid Prime 3 have it. - Croquedead

5 Spider Ball

So cool and satisfactory when you have it! - Croquedead

6 Power Bombs

They destroy everything, but not higher on the list because you have a very low amount. - Croquedead

7 Space Jump

Combined with the screw attack, you are invincible! - Croquedead

8 Grapple Voltage

This item is a great idea and original. It is fun to suck up some ennemies health. - Croquedead

9 Speed Booster

Original and fun, but sometimes annoying to control. - Croquedead

10 Boost Ball

A very useful item. - Croquedead

The Contenders

11 Nova Beam

Such an awesome beam. Even the name is awesome! Shooting an enemy in the weak spot and killing them in 1-2 hits is the coolest feeling ever! - Jaggedbrace

12 Dark Beam
13 Morph Ball


14 Chozen Armor (Eris)
15 Ice Beam
16 Light Beam
17 Flamethrower
18 Super Missile
19 Wave Beam

It shoots 3 shots and goes in a wavy pattern

20 Wavebuster
21 Spazer Beam
22 X-Ray Visor
23 Gravity Boost
24 Hyper Beam
25 Phazon Suit
26 Light Suit
27 Gravity Suit
28 Dark Suit
29 Varia Suit
30 Grapple Beam
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