Best MF Doom Albums

These are basically all of his projects. So, its really in order of my favorite albums from the best rapper of all time...MF DOOM

The Top Ten

1 Madvillainy

People have classed this as one of the best albums of all time, not just hip-hop, but music in general. And it's not hard to see why

Best hip-hop album of the last decade.

Favorite tracks - Accordion, Meat Grinder, America's Most Blunted, Curls, Money Folder, Shadows of Tomorrow, Figaro, Strange Ways, Fancy Clown, All Caps, Rhinestone Cowboy Ear, Ballskin, Batty Boyz, Cellz, Microwave Mayo - RyanMontero

Gonna be honest this was a tough dissension madvillainy, the mouse and the mask, and mm... food are all great mf doom albums, I would argue that these should all be on any greatest hip hop album list, but I chose madvillainy because it just is suach a good album, and don't even get me started on Accordion

2 Mm.. Food

This is best album by him

Favorite tracks - Beef Rapp, Hoe Cakes, Potholderz, One Beer, Kon Queso, Rapp Snitch Knishes, Vomitspit, Kookies - RyanMontero

M food music

3 The Mouse and the Mask

Favorite tracks - EVERY DAMN SONG! - RyanMontero

4 Vaudeville Villain

Favorite tracks - Vaudeville Villain, The Drop, Raedawn, Saliva, G.M.C., Change The Beat - RyanMontero

5 Operation Doomsday

Favorite tracks - Doomsday, Go with the Flow, Who You Think I Am, Hey!, Gas Drawls,? - RyanMontero

6 Born Like This

Underrated album. Definitely DOOM's most villainous album to date

Favorite tracks - Gazzillion Ear, Ballskin, Batty Boyz, Cellz, Microwave Mayo - RyanMontero

7 Keys to the Kuffs

Favorite tracks - Guv'nor, Bite the Thong, GMO, Retarded Fren, Winter Blues, Wash Your Hands - RyanMontero

8 Unexpected Guests

Favorite tracks - Sorcerers, the Supafriendz, Bells of Doom, Angelz, The Unexpected, Fire Wood Drumstykx - RyanMontero

9 Take Me to Your Leader

Favorite tracks - Fazers, The Final Hour, Anti-Matter, The Fine Print - RyanMontero

10 Operation Doomsday - MF Doom

The Contenders

11 Nehruviandoom

Favorite tracks - Om, Caskets, Disastrous - RyanMontero

12 Venomous Villain
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